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  1. Night Elf305

    Map Version Question

    Is the version fo the map is just giver by us without nothing, or is given by some specific reason??:) Thanks for helping advanced:D
  2. Night Elf305

    Mui jesp

    What is MUI and JESP??N how is it use to?:nuts: Thanks:D
  3. Night Elf305


    Can anyone solve my problem, i am thinking of making inventory to 2 3 pages, i try by using dummy unit and item ability,i all set and in the trigger i use dee event 'a unit uses a item' condition ;'item-type of(item being manipulated)Equal to (the item of to switch to other page)[i said dee...
  4. Night Elf305

    Forming Item help me

    Forming Item help me please!!!<3 Hi!:) i am new and i need help ,can anyone tell me how to form one item by 2 3 items just like in most rpg maps.. thank you very much:D
  5. Night Elf305

    Why no fairy tail season 2 not telecaste?

    Why no fairy tail season 2 not telecaste? I cant wait, can anyone help me out ,what should i do..,.