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  1. Crusher

    Overclocking GT 430 to a safe point

    Hello guys, Crusher here :P I recently bought a new motherboard called Asrock G31M-S R2.0 - also I bought a new processor, which is Intel Celeron Dual Core e3400 (2x 2.6) Everything works great, but for more demanding games I need to...
  2. Crusher

    Problem with my new Processor (help needed)

    CHECK MY THIRD POST IN THIS THREAD! So, I've bought a new processor, it is Intel Celeron e3400 2x 2.6ghz wolfdale which costed me pretty much (since I'm slim on my budget at the moment). So, it is a 775 socket, which accordingly should fit into my motherboard, but, for some reason, it...
  3. Crusher

    Music Help needed in search for similiar songs!

    Hey guys, what's up, long time no see! So, I'm in need of songs something like these (relaxing, guitar in the back, bass kicking) songs! if anyone is willing to help me, I'll + rep him!
  4. Crusher

    Music Looking for similiar songs!

    Hey guys, what's up, long time no see! :) So, I'm in need of songs something like these (relaxing, guitar in the back, bass kicking) songs! if anyone is willing to help me, I'll + rep him! :)
  5. Crusher

    Suggestions for new graphic card?

    Since my old one burned out (literally) I'm in need of a new one. My PC: Intel pentium dual cpu e2140 @ 1.6 ghz 2.2 gb ram, integrated 64 mb graphic card (cause my last one is crashed) PCI-E What I'm looking is something around this graphic card:
  6. Crusher


    I'm having some serious issues with my GPU lately. I'm using Nvidia GeForce 6200 Turbocache (it isn't alot but worked good for me all these years) until now, when I play any game, my loading screens are much slower, my in game FPS drops for 10 or 20, eventually it freezes and the only thing I...
  7. Crusher

    BsoD Issue, High RAM usage and more.

    So, my problem is that my RAM usage (or CPU usage in Task Manager) is very high whenever I open any particular program. Also, when my CPU get's high, the computer freezes (Iddle mode) and I have to either restart it or watch BsoD screen. I recently added 2 GIGA Ram card to my PC, hope that...
  8. Crusher

    Computer freezes, lags and BsoD sometimes!

    So, my computer freezes, lags and sometimes it gives me bsod. I defragmented all drives, cleaned the whole computer (both ways) and it still lags to me. I also removed useless stuff, but as I said, it still lags in games (LoL, Warcraft, WoW, DDO). My configuration:
  9. Crusher

    Mouse and keyboard shut down when I play game?

    So, I have this 2 wicked games: Torchlight and League of Legends. Everything is working fine, until some period. When that period comes, my keyboard (or mouse, or both) shuts down without a reason (I checked if they are unplugged but, no, they aren't). Can someone tell me a specific reason...
  10. Crusher

    Blizzard Blue Tracker Api

    Is there any available source for Bluetracker Api (Blizzard Blue Tracker Api)? Blizzard Blue Tracker Api - Tracks down latest posts from Blizzard Workers (Forumers).
  11. Crusher

    Low HitPoint Detection Problem

    So, it won't show the text over my damaged unit once it reaches 150 Hit Points. Low Hitpoint System Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Unit-type of (Attacked unit)) Equal to Barbarian (Unit-type of (Attacked unit)) Equal to Healer Actions...
  12. Crusher

    Experience ''System'' Problem

    Currently, I have this own made ''system'' (if I can call it like that), but it has only one problem: it can be abused by tapping ''h'' or ''s'' when close to opponents. I know this can be fixed by using Damage Source Event, but I don't know what exactly am I supposed to do here. So, if...
  13. Crusher

    Whirlwind Problem

    So, the thing is, the effects that I settled up aren't working. I stored them into strings, let me show you: -------- Whirlwind Effects -------- Set WhirlwindEffect[1] = Objects\Spawnmodels\Critters\Albatross\CritterBloodAlbatross.mdl Set WhirlwindEffect[2] =...
  14. Crusher

    ''Soul Collection'' Ability

    I had this crazy idea tommorow, to create an ability which will give you 2 abilities. So, the name would be Soul Collection. The Soul Collection #1 will be passive. The Soul Collection #2 will be active. The passive one would display the current collected souls, eg. how much heroes did...
  15. Crusher

    Variable Question

    Let's say that I cast 4 different spells at the sime time with totaly different effects. Althought this doesn't make sense at all, they are using ''TargetLoc'' Point Variable which can be used to set ''Target Point of Ability being Cast'' in GUI and JASS. My Question is: If I remove...
  16. Crusher

    In search for DPS Standard Spell

    I was wondering: is there any spell in Warcraft that is Damage Over Time (DPS) which is doing the same effect as ''Doom'', but without Silence thing?
  17. Crusher

    Removing Lightning Effects

    In this trigger, when the caster is knocked back, the lightning effects stay on the position of caster, eg. previous casting location, but they aren't removed. So, I thought maybe the solution is to add additional line of function which will check if the caster stopped channeling a spell, but...
  18. Crusher

    Checking this Trigger

    So guys, is there in this trigger anything wrong with it? Obviously, something is rigged, but I don't know what. This should affect every unit inside 100 AoE + Level of Ability x 200. That means something like: But, it only affects one unit, and sometimes no unit. I've checked...
  19. Crusher

    Adding Walking Animation

    So, once the units have been lifted, I want to add them an walk animation. Note for the spell: all credits goes to Paladon. Initial Telekinesis Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Telekinesis...
  20. Crusher

    In search for Map Name

    So, I was recently thinking about a new name for my map. Currently, it's Mini Wars, but I had in plan something... more unique. The map is 4v4 Hero Defense with one lane, only for fun and to kill your vicious enemies. I want examples something like this: Map Name: Clash of Titans...