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    Solved: HTML/CSS align Divs

    EDIT: Problem solved.
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    New graphics card

    Hi. I have an ATI Radeon HD 5870. I want to upgrade graphics card to something newer and better. I'm thinking of trying an nVidia card. Things I'm looking for: *Better performance than HD 5870. *A passive cooler (no fans.) *Cheap! Thanks in advance. =)
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    Error message?

    Hi. Could someone help me understand what this error message means: 00:01:56.69 Trigger Error in 'gt_MenuInventoryUseItemButtons_Func': Could not get 'triggerControl' from parameter in 'DialogControlSetPropertyAsText' (value: 183) It's copied from the Debug Window. What I would like to know...
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    Music Need help with lyrics

    Yea I heard something similar, but it doesn't make much sense. What's a top estate? I guess "the cider in their veins" makes some little sense. I was thinking it might be some form of "decide", but then again "Decide in their veins" makes even less sense. I was also thinking it could be...
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    Music Need help with lyrics

    Hi. I need help hearing what this guy sings, I would love the entire lyrics but I'm especially interested in the part between 0:50 and 1:40 Here is the song:!/s/Safe+At+Home+ft+C+it+O+Riordan/3anFmV?src=5 This is what I've deciphered so far, correct me if I...
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    Make specific units stop talking

    Hi. I want to prevent certain units from responding when I select them, using triggers. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
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    no, u!

    no, u!
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    Sci/Tech The Pirate Bay Wants You to Download Physical Objects Now

    I don't know much about weapon either, but doesn't firing a bullet make things very hot? I'm guessing firing one or more bullets would melt a plastic gun. 3D printers sounds useless.
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    Soundtrack, copyright and volume

    What if I share it on websites such as SC2mapster?
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    Sci/Tech The Pirate Bay Wants You to Download Physical Objects Now

    I don't know how 3D printers work, but I'm expecting you will get yourself a "3D" paper gun with no bullets. I guess it's better than a drawn gun on a paper, but still not a lot of fun.
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    Crime Teen Calls Cops When She Hears Mom Having Sex

    Religious people are silly..
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    Loop for counting part 2.

    Hi. I made a thread about counting number of items (strings) a few weeks ago. Siretu helped me and my triggers works great. There is a small problem, though. The trigger Siretu made for me does something like this: *takes one item *finds another one *stacks them together *forget the first item...
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    Soundtrack, copyright and volume

    1. What if I upload it anyway? I'm guessing Blizzard will do something about it when/if they find out? 2. I doubt the map will get popular. :P I tried exporting the file, opening it in audacity, amplify the volume, save it and import it into the game again. It didn't seem to make much...
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    Soundtrack, copyright and volume

    Hi. 1. I've imported music from Final Fantasy VII into my map. I'm pretty sure that this somehow violates some stupid law of copyright. -Is there anything I can do to keep the music in the map? For example stating that the music belongs to Square and was composed by Nobuo Uematsu (among...
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    Playing animations?

    Nice. I'll try it out. =) Sadly I can't add to your rep at the moment.
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    Playing animations?

    Is there any way to do it via triggers? I haven't even started trying to figure out the Data Editor yet.
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    Special Effects?

    Hi. How do I add special effects via triggers? I found this, but it seems to be some other kind of effect than what I'm looking for: Environment - Execute Effect at Point from player 1 I wanna add special effects like explosions, blood, gunfire impact, etc. (SC2's answer to WC3's...
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    Playing animations?

    It turns out you were right. My variables was the problem. The action works fine. Thanks.
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    Playing animations?

    Hi. I had this problem in WC3 as well as in SC2. No matter what I try my units never seem to play the animations that I want. I tried using this action: Animation - Play Attack animation for (Actor for attacker) as Default, using No Options options and Default Time blend time...
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    Exit Game Button?

    Thanks, I'll try that next time. =)