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    Solved: HTML/CSS align Divs

    EDIT: Problem solved.
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    New graphics card

    Hi. I have an ATI Radeon HD 5870. I want to upgrade graphics card to something newer and better. I'm thinking of trying an nVidia card. Things I'm looking for: *Better performance than HD 5870. *A passive cooler (no fans.) *Cheap! Thanks in advance. =)
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    Error message?

    Hi. Could someone help me understand what this error message means: 00:01:56.69 Trigger Error in 'gt_MenuInventoryUseItemButtons_Func': Could not get 'triggerControl' from parameter in 'DialogControlSetPropertyAsText' (value: 183) It's copied from the Debug Window. What I would like to know...
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    Music Need help with lyrics

    Hi. I need help hearing what this guy sings, I would love the entire lyrics but I'm especially interested in the part between 0:50 and 1:40 Here is the song:!/s/Safe+At+Home+ft+C+it+O+Riordan/3anFmV?src=5 This is what I've deciphered so far, correct me if I...
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    Make specific units stop talking

    Hi. I want to prevent certain units from responding when I select them, using triggers. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
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    Loop for counting part 2.

    Hi. I made a thread about counting number of items (strings) a few weeks ago. Siretu helped me and my triggers works great. There is a small problem, though. The trigger Siretu made for me does something like this: *takes one item *finds another one *stacks them together *forget the first item...
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    Soundtrack, copyright and volume

    Hi. 1. I've imported music from Final Fantasy VII into my map. I'm pretty sure that this somehow violates some stupid law of copyright. -Is there anything I can do to keep the music in the map? For example stating that the music belongs to Square and was composed by Nobuo Uematsu (among...
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    Special Effects?

    Hi. How do I add special effects via triggers? I found this, but it seems to be some other kind of effect than what I'm looking for: Environment - Execute Effect at Point from player 1 I wanna add special effects like explosions, blood, gunfire impact, etc. (SC2's answer to WC3's...
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    Playing animations?

    Hi. I had this problem in WC3 as well as in SC2. No matter what I try my units never seem to play the animations that I want. I tried using this action: Animation - Play Attack animation for (Actor for attacker) as Default, using No Options options and Default Time blend time...
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    Exit Game Button?

    Hi. Is it possible to "hack" SC2 somehow to add a button in the in-game menu that exits the game immediately, instead of first having to "Quit Game" and then exit the game through the login screen.
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    Moving & re-sizing Boss bar?

    Hi. New day, new problems. EDIT: 1. Solved. 2. I would like to re-size my boss bars, so that they are much smaller. I would also like to remove the picture completely from the boss bar. -Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
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    Hiding UI

    Hi. I want to hide all the UI - just like in Cinematic mode - without using Cinematic mode (because when in Cinematic mode Escape brings up the menu, like F10 does, and I need Escape.) Is it possible to hide all the UI without enabling Cinematic mode somehow? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I found...
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    Comparing powerup-type?

    Hi. Yet another question about compiration. (The way comparing works in the SC2 Editor is stupid.) I'm trying to compare what type of powerup was acquired, but I can't find it anywhere. The closest I can find is (Triggering Powerup), but that returns a specific powerup, and I really don't wanna...
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    Loop for counting

    Hi. I believe I've done something similar to this a long time ago, in WC3. However I can't really remember how I did it, so here I am. I have got a global string variable; "InventoryItem" with an array of 99. I made this trigger as a test: createInventory Events Game...
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    Comparing text?

    Hi. I started playing around with the SC2 editor. It was a long time since I last used either it or the WC3 editor, so my skills are very rusty. To the point: I want to make a custom function that: *Takes a random global text variable *Works it's magic (loops it around a bit) *Returns...
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    Controlling the network

    Hi. I would like a tool for controlling the network. Here's how I imagine it to work: I install it in my router somehow, and then install a client on my computer. I create an admin acount so that only I have control (even if other computers on the same network has the same client...
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    Idea for custom map

    Hi. I wasn't sure if this belongs here on in SC2 Discussion.. I hope I got it right. I got an idea for a custom map that I think will be fun. I just finished watching the first season of a TV show called The Colony. And I think it is a great show. After a while I started thinking about making a...
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    Which games are you psyched about?

    Hi. Which coming games are you psyched about? Here's my list at the moment: (I might have forgot a title or two) Dead Island TES: Skyrim HoMM VI RAGE Saints Row: The Third Diablo 3 From Dust Dungeon Defenders Comments: I just gotta have this game. I have high hopes for it. I hope it...
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    PC Dungeon Defenders

    Hi. I'm just curious if anyone knows the release date for Dungeon Defenders on PC?
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    Panasonic SA-HT845

    Hi. I have a Panasonic SA-HT845 (DVD home theater sound system, 5.1) I seem to have lost the box in which it came. (In which I stored stuff like the manual.) Now I would like to find some information about this system. (Info such as Watts.) I tried googling, hoping to find a website...