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    Random Arena MiniGame

    Each player has a random champion spawned that will fight in a random arena. Every time a player is killed a new hero will be spawned for that player. Players fight until a predetermined kill limit is reached. This is an old map of mine which I would like to update, I am currently looking for...
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    Looking for users wanting to edit/use my old w3 maps

    Sadly w3 has become far less popular, due the huge growth of games such as League of Legends and now released DotA2. Due to this fact, less people are on classic warcraft3 and mapping here seems like alot of effort for something that shall not be noticed. However I would not like my hard work...
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    Defense Build + Defend

    BUILD + DEFEND Introduction: Hey guys, just wanted to get some feedback on a new map I have started. As always I get bored of my maps when the progress gets abit slow, so I tend to start a new one when an idea comes to mind. Minigames and defences are always easiest and quickest, so here comes...
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    Sound help?

    For some reason I can't get mp3 files to play as general music in the background. I tried playing it as a Sound and as Music, but neither worked. The file is an .mp3 converted from a .wma format song. Any tutorials or tips?
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    Having trouble with a Specific Upgrade - Apply Defence Upgrade Bonus

    Under upgrades, there is a particular upgrade known as Iron Plating which contains 'Apply Defence Upgrade Bonus'. For some reason when I create a Custom version of this Upgrade and equip it to units, it does not work. Any idea why? Anybody used this before?
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    Defense Inflicted Defence

    This is a brand new project I'm working on. And yes, finally I've named one after myself. I love hero defences, and I love minigames. I fairly enjoy enjoy playing TD's too. So as I was playing this uncommon TD known as Day of the Cow TD, I kindof liked the style. The layout etc. And after that...
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    Upgrade Comparison?

    Is there any way to detect which Upgrade has been researched? I know one can detect the event that it has been upgraded using this: -> Unit - A unit Finishes an upgrade And that you can check which unit has completed the upgrade using this: -> (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal to...
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    Cause of long load times?

    What is the biggest cause of load times? Besides pre-loading. I've removed that, but I can't seem to find what else to do to reduce the long loading. Perhaps too many different custom units/abilities is the cause? A mass of triggers? This is a severe issue, I would love to solve it as...
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    Cause of Fatal Error in Mult? D:

    Fatal Error when hosted in Multiplayer :/ Why do I get this error? --------------- This application has encountered a critical error: FATAL ERROR! Program: MyPath Exception: 0xC000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 001B:6F430C91 The instruction at '0x6430C91' referenced memory at...
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    BloodLine Champions, pretty awesome?

    Every heard of it? I tested this game out last year while it was in its BETA phases, and well it was a cool idea but rather dull and repetitive. The gameplay felt slow, I'm glad to say that now the game has been remade and when I tested in a few weeks ago I felt the pace much faster and rather...
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    Buildings be burning, garr

    lol; Excuse the title, but it does describe the topic (no pirates though, sorry) Well when towers/buildings are on lower levels of hit points, they tend to burn. Is this defaultly placed in the models or can it be removed? I tried to move all classifications like Mechanical and Structure...
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    The Witcher 2 or Skyrim

    Which do you think is the better game? And why?
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    I can't seem to find why this doesn't work.

    Yeah I know thats a bad heading. Camera is by default locked onto the main unit for each player, but selecting the Radar allows you to have the camera lock removed while the Radar is selected. It only needs to be MPI. There are 4 Main Triggers involved: Selects Radar Events...
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    meh, why doesnt this work?

    I think i'm missing something obvious, this should be working. But isn't :/ Please let me know if you see anything: Cloud Events Time - Every 2.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set Temp_UnitGroup = (Units in (Playable map area) matching...
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    Sigh, editor fk up x.x

    I don't know what happened, but I think I messed up something whilest it was saving. But my Object Data is all messed up. Its replaced all my Object Editor information with TRIGSTR_###. # being a number. Is there any fix for this? Otherwise I kinda have to retype up every ability and unit in...
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    Method to save memory, levels or abilities

    In regards to saving as much memory as possible, which option is the best method: 2 or 3 Slow abilities. Option 1 3 Abilities, each has its own buff and different base slow abilities. Only one level each. Option 2 1 Ability, 3 levels. Separate buffs for each level and different...
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    Player Number of (****) IS SO USEFULL :D

    this isnt a question, or a need for help. But i just felt like making a post saying how much I LOVE THIS FUNCTION lolz I don't know what I'd do without it, in minigames and hero defenses this function saves me so much trouble. Making MPI sooo much easier. Setting Array Variables...
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    Quick question on an icon, moon glaive BTN/PASBTN

    I know the default icon is: ReplaceableTextures\PassiveButtons\PASBTNUpgradeMoonGlaive.blp for the Passive ability. I recall there was a research/upgrade or something that had the deault BTN (non-passive) icon, does anybody know the link? It might be a hidden icon, idk. Anybody know?
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    Destructible Group Leaks?

    Destructible - Pick every destructible in (Playable map area) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions erm is there any way to prevent this leak? I cannot find a GUI form of a Destructible Group.. ideas?
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    Quick question on null'ing effects.

    For some reason I always return to this topic :/ Anyways, I know how to and would just like a brief clarification if this is necessary or not: Actions Custom script: local effect e Special Effect - Create a special effect... Custom script: set e = GetLastCreatedEffectBJ()...