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    Trigger's help :)

    This is my trigger: AI Events Time - Every 10.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set Building[1] = Dryad Spawner Set Building[2] = Druid Secreter Set Building[3] = Treant Harvester Set Building[4] = Light Archer Base...
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    Are there any good maps like Castle Fight?

    I've been looking from place to place, but I haven't been able to find a map as good as Castle Fight. I mean I love Castle Fight, I play it all the time, on thing I hate is - DotA, it makes me feel sick. So anyone know any good maps like Castle Fight, preferably with AI working too. Thanks! :D
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    Make AI upgrade buildings, whilst following current orders?

    I have computer controlled players that build buildings which spawn units, a bit like castle fight. Although I need a trigger which will make the AI cancel the current order of spawning the units, and allow it to upgrade, say ever 20 seconds. Current trigger: Add Que Events...
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    Simple trigger problems, help?

    Events -----Time - Every 3.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions ---Set Temp_Group = (Units in Blue Zone <gen>) ---Unit Group - Pick every unit in Temp_Group and do (Actions) ------Loop - Actions ---------Unit - Order (Picked unit) to build a Necromancer Base at (Random point in...
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    Need help with creating simple AI triggers/scripts :)

    Okay so I've been editing this Map for ages! Really and honestly ages, and the one thing I struggle with.. is the AI part. I think it's probably quite simple, but I'm really struggling. So the map is called Battlefield, and originally does have AI working, using the AI editor, although I think I...