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    Model Variations?

    I've come to need a unit that can have multiple model variations, a la Dark Templar, or most doodads. I found the 'variation count' under models, but after changing it, i do not see any way to set alternate model files. I read elsewhere that for things like the DT there are the following files...
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    Progress Bar Actors

    Anyone have any knowledge (or a tutorial?) on how these work. I played around with them but couldn't really figure anything out. I'm total noob to the Event editor of actors. I would like to get a progress bar that shows on a unit without having to click the unit for it to show! Thanks~
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    Editing models

    Is it possible to edit models within the editor? Ex) Remove the gauss rifle from a marine or the bladed weapon from the dark templar?
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    Active Users custom function

    I have a need for a player group of currently active users *should return player group of users (NOT computers) that are still connected*. I originally would use Active Players, but found that it included computer players, so I made this function. For some reason this still returns a player...
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    Actor or model attached to every unit?

    I made a custom unit and made their corresponding custom actor (duplicated off marine unit and actor), and now for some reason literally every unit in the game has the marine model attached to it, even units i never tampered with. I haven't touched any zerg or toss units and they all have a...
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    Behavior Using Energy

    I want to make a behavior that saps 1 energy per second while it is on a unit. However I dont want it to be 'degenerated' I want it to 'cost' 1 energy per second. Is this possible through the date editor? Reason) My unit has energy regeneration of 1 with a delay of 5. (it must wait 5 seconds...
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    can't select custom doodad in editor?

    I created my own doodad based off a unit model, however I once I place it in game the only way for me to select it is by boxing around it with my mouse, I can't click it to move it or double click it to change rotation and such. Is this a bug, or something I did wrong in data editor? Thanks~
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    Replacing Fog of War?

    Is there a way to make it so that after you see an area, and walk away from it, it remains black rather than a greyed out. (I want it so you can literally only see what your units see, everything else is pitch black.. you can't see terrain or doodads or anything.) thanks in advanced~...
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    Time Start vs Time Use?

    Im looking under the "cost" tab of an ability and under both "charge" and "cooldown" there are time start and time use. What's the difference between the two? I played around with them for a while and couldn't figure it out. Also, what's the difference between a "charge" recharging and a...
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    Weapon that doesn't target unit?

    Is there a way to make it so a weapon doesn't target a unit, but a point instead?
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    Effect - Damage with a range of dmg?

    I was wondering how to make an Effect - Damage do a range of damage rather than just a set number. I checked through the list (im guessing my eyes have failed me or something) and could only find the 'damage' field which only allows for a static amount of dmg.
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    Gates / Doors

    I can't seem to find the doodad, and I really dont feel like using supply depots as doors. Does anyone know a way to get the space platform door working, or if blizzard plans on adding these to the game/editor before release?
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    Animated pictures in UI?

    How is this achieved. A la Reaper Madness. The Reaper picture in the corner is animated. example youtube vid
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    Periodic Timed Event VS While Loop

    Is a Period Timed Event every .03 seconds any different (better, worse, the same?) as a While Loop running for a significant amount of time with a .03 second wait?
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    Triggers Running Triggers

    If I have a trigger that sets off another trigger.. and that second trigger isn't linked to an event. Will the triggering player from the original trigger also be the triggering player from the second trigger? Example: Trigger A) EVENT : Any Player presses the Space Bar ACTION : Run...
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    Projectile Weapons/Abilities with 'no Targets'

    I know this is a bit of a hot topic (especially with all the TPS/FPS games being developed) but I still cant seem to find a good tutorial/information on this topic. To explain in detail, I want to make a weapon that you press say the space bar, and your unit fires a weapon that shoots a...
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    Periodic Timed Events

    Sorry if this has been addressed before, I did attempt to search the forums but couldn't really find a topic that sounded like it had an answer, but anyways... How bad is it to have Periodic Timed Events (at every .1 seconds) or so? For example: a WASD system. Will making it MUI cause a...
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    Link to a good Custom Weapon tutorial?

    I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around the data editor (in particular, making my own weapons). I'm looking to make my own ballistic moving weapons. (you press a button, the character shoots a projectile, and the projectile moves without being 'locked on' to a target) I've looked...
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    variable min/max function?

    Is there any sort of function to limit a variables max/min? ei) x = 0 constant_max = 20 constant_min = -10 magicalfunction(x, constant_max, constant_min) if x > y x = y elseif x < z x = z endif...
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    Getting Player Integer?

    Upon map initialization, how can I get the current player's Integer? After looking around, the only player info I could find in an action was Triggering Player. And apparently using that returns a -1. Any ideas? Or if easier, a way to be able to swap between Player 1 and say integer Ammo[1] ...