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  1. Viikuna

    How good is the campaign?

    Im a huge fan of sc and broodwar campaings, and been recently wanting to play wings of liberty campaing too, even though I already decided not to buy that game. ( Mostly because from what Ive heard, the editor sucks big time, and because I no longer believe that Blizzard guys actually know...
  2. Viikuna

    ToB O BETA is out.

    After all these years, Tides of Blood is back in business with new version O(rgasm). If you enjoy beta testing new cool maps, pwning some guyes, or are just plain curious person visit at and test it. Theres also some noobs from ToB forums hosting games at East, if you...
  3. Viikuna

    Spell Quicksand

    And so we return and beging again. I decided to make and submit a spell again, because its been so long since Ive done anything Anyways, spell is called Quicksand and its pretty cool and eveything. The spell is build of: - 2 textures, made by me...
  4. Viikuna

    Need help with impale.

    I dont know if this is a right place to post or anything, but does anyone know some trick to make impaled unit vulnerable or fake it as effectively as possible? I need that unit to keep the impale buff, so removing it is not an option. Using SetUnitInvulnerable( unit, false ) did not work...
  5. Viikuna

    Patch .23b

    link The shit is fucked up. Its the end of the world as we know it.
  6. Viikuna

    The Wire

    I cant believe there isnt Wire thread around here. I need to start one right now. Its the best TV serie I have seen this far. Discuss.
  7. Viikuna

    System DayNightFog system

    edit I made this script back in the day when I didnt completely understamd what you exactly can do asynchronously and what you cant. Since Im not planning to update this to make it to what it is supposed to be, I just link to guys to best fog system I know. Use it instead. Link...
  8. Viikuna

    Need help with finding some bug.

    edit. Got it working, it was a stupid little mistake. You can stll try to find it for fun, if you like. Okay, I have this DayNightFog -system for changing terrain fog. Its not working ( edit. forgot to tell that not working means that fogs not changing..), ( probably due some stupid li´l...
  9. Viikuna


    Are GameStateEvents all right? Like when checking if Time of Day equals to something. Im asking because I had this funny feeling that I have read something about some events being bad or soemthing..
  10. Viikuna

    How to avoid a nasty endless loop thingy?

    I was working with a little script and Im having problems to think any good and simple way to avoid an endless loop with custom events. Code: library StuffLib globals private trigger array Trigs private integer Total=0 endglobals function TriggerRegisterStuffEvent takes...
  11. Viikuna

    I forgot my password luls.

    I dont know if this is the right forum, but I realized that I have forgotten my forum password. So, where I have to send email to get it?
  12. Viikuna

    JASS - Timers and how to pass data to them

    Timers and how to pass data to them This little tutorial aims to teach you how to use timers and make MUI spells and systems with them. You need to have a nice knowledge about structs and Jass in general. This tutorial contains lots of vJass stuff, so you must have NewGen and newest...
  13. Viikuna

    I had this idea about a system

    Tomorrow when I woke up I had this idea bout creating a StaticTimerLoop system which would work a lil bit like Cohadars TT. I wrote this and I would like to hear some comments and get help for finding bugs etc. Post something now. edit. I edited those codes a little. edit. Added...
  14. Viikuna

    Struct question

    I need to know from which child struct this one static method was called. I tried .getType() -method, but I couldnt get it work in static method. I need something like this:struct Parent static method findInstance takes handle h returns Parent local Parent this=0 if <...
  15. Viikuna

    interface question

    This works. It prints "A" scope noob initializer Init interface face string lol endinterface struct A extends face string lol = "A" endstruct function Actions takes nothing returns nothing local A a=A.create() call BJDebugMsg( call a.destroy()...
  16. Viikuna

    Spell Bond ( tell me if you have a better name for this )

    Bond New spell by me. It is an AoE spell Description: Links 3 to 5 units from target are together with a magical chain. Units linked like this, cannot go too far from eachother. If any of these Units dies, the link is broken, if not, the link will last up to 15 seconds. It uses...
  17. Viikuna

    Spell Birds

    Here is a spell i made for wc3creations spell contest. It is vJass and MUI. Requires Cohadars TT, Vexorians CheckPathability and SafeX/Y -functions. ( You find all these from testmap. ) code:// Bird Strike by Viikuna // This spell is made for wc3Creations Spell Contest // Theme: Missile...
  18. Viikuna

    Other Desert of Bullets

    Hey everybody! Desert of Bullets Desert of Bullets is a shooting map , made by me and Lillerinmuna. It is a western styled Clint Eastwood fanboy map with FFA gameplay. Every player controls only one Hero/CowBoy. Shoot to kill, and use your other abilities to kill your enemy and...
  19. Viikuna

    Offense Snipers

    Snipers This is just a quick simple map, I made. I just combined some pieces of my unfinished projects. Camera System from gladiator, terrain from Gunfight and Snipe ability is modified arrow skill from Conan RPG. It is fully playable, but it does not have win/defeat conditions. Map is...
  20. Viikuna

    Harry Potter Magic Fight

    Harry Potter Hello everybody! This is Harry Potter map, created by me (Viikuna) and Lillerinmuna. I decided to post it here so you can play it and give me some critism about map. How to Play? Gameplay is pretty simple: you need to use various magical abilities to defeat your enemies...