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  1. worldofDeath

    Unit collison?

    So I cant find a trigger that sets the units collison off. Any one have a trick to turn it off via trigger, im trying to set it up so that when a unit uses a spell his collison turns to none. Is it possible in SC2?
  2. worldofDeath

    How to make Novas - Domanation not go away?

    I want to make it where the domanation botton dosnt go away when I domanat one of the creeps. But how can I get it where it stays and has a cooldown before you can use it agian. I want to make it to where once you domanate one unit there is a cooldown then after that you can domanat another. To...
  3. worldofDeath

    wheres the Tooltip editor?

    So I found it earlyer yesterday, but today I cant find the tooltip for the spells that im using. So my question is at what location do I find the values to edit the name of the spell and its description of it? What I mean: For example the Nuke ill put in the UI data something diffrent like...
  4. worldofDeath

    [Data Editor] I hate SC2 Data editor. Every spell I add to a unit says it requires...

    So I add like motherships vortext to this units command slot and I would start the game and it says it requires stimpack but it still lets me use the spell. And i never even made the spell to even have that requirment it has none the editor is just spazing out. If I add anyspell it says the same...
  5. worldofDeath

    [Data Editor] How to make a marine build structures

    So I keep adding the build behavoir, and the two building ability in the command. But when i go to play the game neither shows at all. The only thing that shows is Spells
  6. worldofDeath

    [Data Editor] Units says it cant move to attack unit?

    What the heck so I have created a tower and this tower is suppose to attack in all directions, but it only attacks behind it and when I tell the tower to attack in front it says it cant move that way. What do I need to change so that it attacks in all directions.
  7. worldofDeath

    [Map Development] Need Development Team for a AOS Type Map

    (Game Name) - S.T.A.R [Strategic Teams Arm Regiment] About game: This will be a 3 lane AOS type map with creative heroes and strategic gameplay as well as a rebuild system, item system and a duel system. Little About me first: Well I have created at least 10 different maps for WC3 since...
  8. worldofDeath

    [Data Editor] How to take Reapers Jump Abi off?

    Well spent the last 30 min trying to find how to stop the reaper to stop useing his ability that he uses I just want him to be normal like every other unit without his abi. Please help how can I remove him from doing his abi.
  9. worldofDeath

    [Data Editor] Unit attack speed and Minerals

    How can I edit the attack speed of the unit and the Minerals one would get when a unit was killed? thanks.
  10. worldofDeath

    Using USMWE 5.0 on Windows 7 Seems to not work?

    So i can use it but when I go to test the map it minimizes the WE and then a cmd box comes up then disspaers and nothing happens. Is there an unpdate I missed or something? Please Help!
  11. worldofDeath

    Building a Base After Unit Cast Spell

    So this trigger works for red but when I try to use it for anyone else it does not work(Share unit control that is) Player Picks Demon Race Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to (==) |cffff0000Pick Undead Race...
  12. worldofDeath

    Combining a Jass trigger spell to a map?

    Okay I can’t figure how to copy this spell which is in jass to my map. It does not have any directions. Even if it did I still cant figure out how to get it into my map. It uses the ABC code. Which I did what it said to create an new trigger, convert it to text then copy the whole ABC code. I...
  13. worldofDeath

    Vision Spell Need Help!

    Okay I thought that this would be an easy trigger but its not I cant get it to work. I have used all kinds of ways and none work for me. This is the spell: Marcus uses his GPS to find all unallied heros on the map for a limited time. Gives Vision to Marcus for a limited time. [Level 1]...
  14. worldofDeath

    Trigger Help For A spell (GUI)

    Hello every one! There is a problem with my code. This is the move: Marcus uses his knowledge as a rifle man and takes out a smaller rifle. This smaller rifle gives him the chance to move faster and shot faster but lowers damage. After each interval of 15 seconds Marcus will decreases even...
  15. worldofDeath

    Jass Help What does this mean?

    What does this mean and can i change it to something else to make it work. function Implosion_EndDamageEvent takes nothing returns nothing local string s =HS(tm) local ImplosionDatas datas =GetStoredInteger(GC(),HS(t),"datas") What are they and these two for some...
  16. worldofDeath

    How do i change the location of the hero ablities and more!

    Can I delete the patrol icon of each of the units and can I move the hero abilities to the spot of where the patrol is. In addition, can I remove the stop icon and not have that at all. Please help thanks! +rep
  17. worldofDeath

    Fatal Error Warcarft Crashes

    Okay so i use this spell call energy Blade. Energy Blade Cast Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Energy Blade Unit Move Actions -------- * SAFETY * -------- Custom script: call...
  18. worldofDeath

    Hey guys long time no talk! Im Back!

    Hey every one hows every one been. Its been a year or so since i have been back on. I hope every one is doing good. And if some one could tell me what has been going on around here. Hey Helper how you doing. I have been gone due to many reasons. My football team made it to the playoff and made...
  19. worldofDeath

    Nintendo DS To End 2007 As Top Selling Game System

    REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ — While many eyes are focused on home video game consoles, Nintendo projects Nintendo DS(TM) to be thetop-selling system of the year. More than 6 million Nintendo DS portable video game systems have sold in the United States in 2007 through Nov. 30, according...
  20. worldofDeath

    itunes music to an mp3?

    How come when i put itunes music on to my mp3 it dosnt come up it says it locked or something. Can any one help me? The one to the right. Is locked and i cant see it on my mp3. Im going to get an ipod soon but i want to listen to it on my mp3. Help plez