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  1. Cilla

    Hellgate:London - we won't giveup!

    Hi guys, some people here in germany made a big effort in writing a letter to Namco Bandai about selling the rights of HG:L so that NA and Europe can fight for the living again! There is a petition going on - *click* - where you can also get some detailed information about the current...
  2. Cilla

    How to get available Tags?

    I wonder where you can find a list of existing Tags since you cannot create new ones. Actually there is a Tag-site: but it doesn't show them all but rather only very few - it onced showed at least 70, now it shows only 8? I also wonder what this...
  3. Cilla

    Tags / Edit Tag

    Tags / Edit Tags I can see the "Edit Tags" button in several threads but I can't use it. I tried it in threads I created and in those other created. When I click it it says: But when I try to "Save Changes" it says I do not have the permission. So either there is a bug or if it is...
  4. Cilla


    Have you heard of this new search engine? - They said they searched three times as many sites as google and offer various other( better) features. Cuil launched some days ago but I was on holiday and had no time to look into it - I searched the forums but for some reason I...
  5. Cilla

    FF3 - Username and Password integrated in URL?

    Hey, in Firefox 2 it was, it does not work in FF3 though. I didn't find it using google etc. any ideas? Thanks
  6. Cilla

    The Dumb Man

    This short vid kinda is one of the best pieces of 'art' I've ever found on youtube, I thought I have to share this one eventhough I already saw it like a month ago, I am still thinking about it occasionally. ^^
  7. Cilla

    Sports Fiiinaalee! - Germany 3-2 Turkey

    Ooooooohoooooo! Philipp Lahm's last-minute winner sent Germany into the Euro 2008 final and sank a desperately unlucky Turkey. Lahm stole in on Thomas Hitzlsperger's pass to beat Rustu Recber and give the Germans victory after a thriller in which Turkey were the better side. Ugur...
  8. Cilla

    Prefixes @ forum overview - deforming the cells?

    They do look like this atleast for me: and I would say they screw up the table-/page-style. Titles that are too long to display in one line are '...-ed' and even long titles with "Post Icons" stay in one line. If someone choose a prefix for his/her thread, the threadtitle will be in...
  9. Cilla

    Looking for a programm that can take screenshots periodically!

    Yeah, as the title describes, I am looking for a prog which can take ss every x minutes and which saves them into a folder. Does anybody know of such a prog? Thanks in advance. Cilla
  10. Cilla

    FPS Mod - Troubleshooting

    Could someone help me and explain how to use this awesome Mod :S
  11. Cilla

    I wanna buy / build / assemble a new pc - got a good LINK?

    I need a new pc. I don know wheter i should buy one or assmble my own. Im looking for something like a good site to compare hardware (costs) etc. Or forums where people discuss and help assemble pcs. Is there anybody who got some experiences with "homebuil" pcs? MAybe you got some helping...
  12. Cilla

    DestructableTypeId - easiest way to get?

    How can you find out the TypeId? I cannot find it in WE
  13. Cilla

    Improve performance

    Can you improve the game performance if you destroy destructibles etc in regions where no players/heros (orpg) are playing? I thought that you could create all destructibles etc in a region which is entered and destroy all those destructibles when the region is left Btw: Is there a...
  14. Cilla

    What happened to wc3campaigns?

    The server is closed, does someone know for what reason an for how long? (This is no General Discussion question neither a wc3 Talk question. I have no more access to all those amazing infos)
  15. Cilla

    Trackable - Mouse over unit?

    Can someone explain how I can make a unit trackable? Lets say that I need track and hit events for my heros. How can I achieve that? (Like in the King Rpg where a floating text shows the lvl of a tracked unit) thanks
  16. Cilla

    the only Forum i have no permission to post in is the General Discussion Forum?

    Is this normal? I guess it is not :S I could need some help^^
  17. Cilla

    Time with AM PM does not work properly on this forum

    It shows (time) AM in every post.. maybe noone cares.. I just wanted to tellyou Edit:
  18. Cilla

    Awesome Scorescreen - Help on Loading Screen

    What you think about my Scoresreen? ^^ Was quite some work but looks nice Can you plz tellme how to remove this crappy loading/progress bar. I cannot remove it whatever I try, Importing Transparent blp or changing Game Interface does not affect the bar. I don know why, very strange :S
  19. Cilla

    Where to allow Gold/Lumber Transfer

    I read it, I knew it, I forgot it, I have searched on my own, I have searched Gui and JASS, I have searched the Properties, I have searched everywhere on WE/WEU, I have searched on I-net, I have serached these Forums, I cannot find it anymore^^, like a nap ;)
  20. Cilla

    Is there a way to replace the TeamColor.blps?

    I guess there is not because I replaced the original TeamColor00-14.blps using the Import Manager, but that crashes wc3 while loading the map.