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  1. litoskin

    looking for nuon games+demo disc

    i'm looking for a copy of nuon games +demo disc anyone can help me?
  2. litoskin

    Where to buy Nuon games+demos Discs ?

    i'm looking for one or two copies of nuon games+demos discs i have see that they are not available anymore to cafèpress store .Anyone is able to help me in finding them? Thanks Marco
  3. litoskin

    Finally i got it ! :DVD N-591 + Crayon Shin Chan

    Finally after almost 10 year in searchin it i had found one of my secret dreams : the korean nuon with crayon shin chan plus shiro movie and extra. here is the youtube video of the unboxing: (sorry for my english speaking:oops:) As soon as i have some time i will make some videos and photos of...