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  1. Cheddar

    Auto-Tune The News

    Friend of mine posted this on Facebook. KucV8renOfI Thoughts? I need to watch more of these.
  2. Cheddar

    TheHelper Pixel Picture Project

    May or may have not been blatantly stolen from this thread. The premise is simple, each member draws a small section of a larger image and eventualy we will have a large image made by many people. Rules Each square is 50 x 50 pixels; No two adjacent squares can be made by the same person...
  3. Cheddar

    Question which is either stupid or thought-provoking.

    If all of the cereal mascots got in a fight, who would win?
  4. Cheddar

    First Spell You Ever Made

    I realize I've made two threads like this in the past, but it's been years, and there are a lot of new people to answer this, so here goes: What was your first triggered spell? Was it flawless? Destructive? Imbalanced? What did it do, how did you trigger it, and did it work the way you...
  5. Cheddar

    Iron Maiden

    Alright, so I've always liked Iron Maiden, and always wanted to find more Maiden songs I like. So, I want anyone who can help me to do so. RULES: 1 suggestion per person. You can't use The Trooper, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Number of the Beast, Brave New World, or Different World. Those are...
  6. Cheddar

    New Math

    Might be a bit old. Don't hate yourself if you laugh. I know I did. qUzLYVr7VIY
  7. Cheddar

    Targeting with dummy in the way?

    I've got a spell that creates a rapidly growing dummy above your head and releases lightning. The spell works fine. However, the problem I am having with this is that the dummy is interfering with my movement when I try to move up. I cannot add Locust to the dummy, because the spell fails to...
  8. Cheddar

    Saving With Imports?

    I tried to save my map today, but during the saving process it said the imported files were "unable to be added to the archive". These files worked fine while saving last night; what gives?
  9. Cheddar

    Charged Item

    I've got an item "Battery Staff" in my map which creates a small ball of electricity above you. This ball grows until either you are attacked or it reaches its capacity; in either case it releases huge amounts of lightning at nearby enemies. This works fine, no complaints. I do, however, have...
  10. Cheddar

    First spell?

    I doubt many will remember the old thread I once posted (Original thread). I'd be surprised if anyone did, actually. Instead of pulling some sort of thread necromancy, I've decided to just remake the thread. My question to everyone here is: What was your first triggered spell? Was it...
  11. Cheddar

    Admin... limited?

    Okay, tech problem here (No big surprise). Please refrain from laughing, especially if it's some extremely easy problem. Simply put, my computer admin has no actual way to use anything. I open Internet, and it pulls up the window but does nothing. I pull up World Editor, and the icon for...
  12. Cheddar

    First Spell Ever?

    I was sent down memory lane today, thinking of my early triggering days, when I realized how far I (And all of us spellmakers) have gotten. So, my question to everyone here is: What was your first triggered spell? Was it flawless? Destructive? Imbalanced? Guess I'll start it off (Big...
  13. Cheddar

    Leaving Players' Names?

    I created a system to spread leaving players' gold around to the remaining players... give them (Total gold of leaver) / (Remaining players) each. The problem isn't with the gold, but the names. Of course, I want people to see who the stupid leaver was, but any attempts to display this...
  14. Cheddar

    Anything = Anything?

    My friend says he's found a way to prove any number equals any other number... I know it can be disproven, because in actuality it isn't true, but it's a bit interesting how he came up with this. Take 3 = 4... we need to turn this into a true statement. So my friend multiplies both sides...
  15. Cheddar

    The Office

    So, it seems the 4th season of The Office is going to be shown in less than two weeks! Does anyone watch this show? Anyone as psyched as I am? :D
  16. Cheddar


    I was trying to upload a map from my computer to Ghan's Tower Contest, but when trying to do so it kept saying "Upload of file failed". I have been able to upload files before and I deleted all of my attatchments so I have no used file space. The map is very small and doesn't exceed the...
  17. Cheddar

    Old Threads

    I've got a question about old threads. Let's say there was a discussion on... let's say Super Smash Brothers, but it was buried by other threads and is now on the 7th page, posting in it considered Thread Necromancy. Yet if you were to create anther thread on this game, people would say "There...
  18. Cheddar

    Harry Potter 7 [Spoilers!]

    I noticed there wasn't any discussion on this, I'm not sure if anyone has taken up to creating a thread like it yet, but discuss the book in white text so nobody accidentally spoils.
  19. Cheddar

    Counter Battle

    The way this game works is that one person will do something to the other poster, then the next person will defy that and come up with their own weapon. An example for a couple of posts: Bert: Bert attempts to run the next poster down with a lawnmower. Ernie: Ernie throws a rock at the...
  20. Cheddar

    Facing Angle Loophole

    Okay, here is the problem. In a normal GUI triggered backstab spell, the obvious way to detect if a unit is behind another is by comparing facing angles -- for instance, if the difference between the two is between -30 and 30. Attacker has facing angle of 50. Attacked unit has a facing...