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  1. rover2341

    Question. How to add animations to model in Blender

    Hi, Working on fixing my RC Project. Reforeged appears not to respect Pitch angle anymore. So I looked up how to export and import my existing modal. I read that I could use set animation by index. to postion the angle. If i create a bunch of animations with a single key frame. I...
  2. rover2341

    PCI Issue? New GPU + PCI SSD

    When I plug in GPU + PCI SSD IT doesn't see the SSD. Any Idea why? Z87 Expert Ge force gtx 1060 8gb ram kingston PCI SSD 256 I have tried wo power supply's both rated over 650. I disabled thunderbolt thinking maybe it would free up some lanes. PCI Lanes. Not sure what might be broke. Or Wrong...
  3. rover2341

    What is this song? Looked everwhere

    @7:30 mark. I Have looked and tried sites to tell me, no luck. everyone seems to asks on there other vids but no one says.
  4. rover2341

    Game Design UML, Looking for suggestions

    So I took a stab at a puzzle game based on Pokemon puzzle league I got it working, but i thought it was poorly designed so i changed it. a week later I got it working again But thought the design was poor again. So I stayed up last night till 2AM working out all of my concerns. But before i...
  5. rover2341

    Moving Image Shakes (HTML5 game Question)

    Doing a HTML5 Canvas game. The issue is, when i run the game moving blocks less then 1 pixel. They seem to shake. I assume its due to the fact that i can only draw per pixel and not per .25 pixel. so it sits for 9 frames, then the 10th one is moves. stop stop stop go Is there any way to...
  6. rover2341

    Multiplayer Game... Logic...Networking Questions

    About I am starting a starting two projects. The First Project is HTML Based with the requirements: 1 class, 5 monsters types, 100 human players, Player have 3 abilitys, and can get 3 Levels. I am using [2D] The second Project is Unity Based with the requirements: 1 class, 10 monster...
  7. rover2341

    Testing - Validation - Stability

    Problem: You Create website/application, etc. that starts to get complex, and at the very least large in functionality. Some Functions that don't use any resources (sql, file, ect) can be tested using, functional and unit testing. But others that use sql become more tricky. My goal is address...
  8. rover2341

    0Data (Thoughts/Questions)

    What Is 0Data The purpose of the Open Data protocol (hereafter referred to as OData) is to provide a REST-based protocol for CRUD-style operations (Create, Read, Update and Delete) against resources exposed as data services. You setup rights and rules, and put in the framework. after this is...
  9. rover2341

    [Web] API, Restful API, Documentation and Best Usage (Thoughts)

    What Is API, And Restful API When I say API, I mean You make a HTTP Request, and a server picks it up and does something. It may return data to you in general as string, json, or xml. Restful API: Is close to the same thing, expect it pays attention to the "Method" or "Verb" Sent in the...
  10. rover2341

    C# Trig Point To Point Angle (Yaw) Question

    Edit** SOLVED I have a XY Point (Start) And a XY Point (End) I am trying to get the YAW Between them or the angle between them. I want the THICK RED Angle. So that would be around 290 or so. I have been using this. But It doesent always work. REF...
  11. rover2341

    angularjs (Thoughts)

    What is Angular Js: A Framework for Javascrpit/HTML Why I am considering Diving into it? Databinding, and MVC Model. To be honest I haven't done anything with MVC Models before although i am tempted to div into mvc model and move away from web forms at least for a project or 2 to give...
  12. rover2341

    3DS Max Texture Question

    I have a texture I apply to a plane and works just great. (See Image Support). When I use this plane (model), in the game I need to be able to set its width and height, and have it keep the images scale according to the width of the plane and repeat going down the plane. I will be creating many...
  13. rover2341

    Interface Question

    So I have a interface that a bunch of classes use. now that's all good but... I am need of a function, that will return a list of instances, of those classes. (C#, .Net) Example: Interface MyInterface bool Run() - Fuction Class A : MyInterface bool Run() Class B : MyInterface bool Run()...
  14. rover2341

    [C#] Roller Coaster Maker 2.0 (Open Source)

    Roller Coaster Maker 2.0 What Is it: A Game where you can build and rider roller coasters. Info: A Library built in C#, that allows the user to build and ride roller coasters. A Console Is Provided along with the library for usage, and testing. The RCM 2.0 is open source, But the unity front...
  15. rover2341

    How to handle this... more delicately

    I made a roller coaster game in C# a while back. and surprisingly the back-end doesn't have many issues. Yet I still want to re-explore it, in the name of improving ability to code. Issue: When a User Builds a track and the user brakes one of the rules... like go out of bounds (x,y), go into...
  16. rover2341

    Node.Js (Thoughts, Questions, ect)

    Ok So I have been hearing good things from node.js from my brothers friend. and I have kept iqnoreing him. in-till last night i decided to check it out. (Note I may be wrong this is my impression from a day or 2 of looking at videos on sites) What is Node.Js And what is its purpose Server...
  17. rover2341

    Question on update techniques (pooling,long pooling, SSE...ect)

    This is for learning purposes I don't have a project i am working on. Lets suppose you have a webpage, that you want some graphs or data to update in real time, or worse case 5 sec per update (But doesn't hurt if its faster, user may be more happy) and would allow more options in the future...
  18. rover2341

    Good Programing Books. (Looking for suggestions) (Web Dev)

    I am moving my focus to and any Web Development. Here is a list of books I am considering picking from. I looked up 100 programming jobs for And I wrote down all the skills they requested. And then started making a wish alist of books i think...
  19. rover2341

    SQL - Insert , but if exist replace (Microsoft SQL)

    SQL - Insert , but if exist replace (Microsoft SQL). Replace into does not work. as it doesn't accept the key word into.
  20. rover2341

    Block Style - For Puzzel Game (Need FeedBack)

    the last one, would be nommal blocks, I would make it big like the faces. Looking feedback for block type, colors, and background. The blocks with faces would be alive, and react and some. they wouldn't be static pic. The Game Is Frog Jam, the blocks arnt suppose to be frogs. so if you think...