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    Gaming Games Launched After January 1, 2019 Must Be Accessible for Disabilities Under CVAA Legislation

    If I had to guess I would say "typical" screen readers that are already in use by disabled people need to work with the video games. How exactly that is to be implemented I am not sure of. It might be that additional information need to be exposed through an API or maybe that the font is machine...
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    Damage Integer view in Object Editor?

    This is not possible. To the best of my knowledge these tooltips are immutable during the game. Furthermore there is no build-in functionality of referencing trigger variables. Of course you could use some kind of external tool to generate the tooltips and the triggers but it would seem like...
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    On attack trigger bonus damage based on current health

    1) Attacking unit is not equal to triggering unit in thise case. The triggering unit is the attacked unit. So your trigger will only work if the attacked unit is of type "Alexstrasza (Dragon)". (I dont think this is what you wanted, right?) 2) Dont use If-Then-Else statements here. Please. Just...
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    Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6

    I dont like the look of chrome. Not a fan.
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    Storm Bolt trigger not working

    Memory leaks will only make your map lag after some time. Its thrown away memory (RAM) that can no longer be used until the game is over. They have no effect on what will actually happen during the game. There is no real reason why I put the condition for the life-value into a separate...
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    Storm Bolt trigger not working

    Why do you learn the ability every 0.1 seconds? Could it be that other triggers mess with this one? Both of these versions work perfectly fine for me: StormBolt Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Attacking unit) Equal to Mountain King 0000 <gen>...
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    Aura that heals trees?

    As far as I know there is no way apart from triggers to heal trees.
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    Aura that heals trees?

    As far as I know there is no way to do this with the data editor alone. There are no abilities that can heal destructibles I think. But it should be fairly easy to do with triggers. Have a trigger run periodically and do something like this: Destructible - Pick every destructible within 256.00...
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    Do you want to swap the actual hp (raw values) or in percentages? Like, if the caster had 50% of its max HP at the time of castng the target will have 50% of its max HP now.
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    Here is a solution that uses 2 triggers: This first trigger is called when the time travel ability is used OnUse Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Time Travel Actions -------- Player number is used...
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    I dont know dota. Is this ability supposed to be used by more than 1 unit at a time? Or will there ever be only 1 unit using it? Will it be 1 unit total or 1 unit per player?
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    I dont think we can help you with your triggers unless you tell us what those triggers are supposed to do and what they are doing wrong.
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    Report Very intelligent people make less effective leaders, according to their peers and subordinates

    Funny. I would say people who make bad leaders can not be very intelligent.
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    Blacksmith Help!!!

    There isnt much we can help you with because you cant really do anything wrong with upgrades in the object editor other than filling in the wrong data. Just make sure your hero actually uses the upgrades. If you use upgrades for damage dice or armor dice make sure those are set for your hero...
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    Blacksmith Help!!!

    You dont need any triggers for that. Upgrades can be created with the object editor easily. Just copy the existing upgrades that already do those things for the standard units.
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    World Editor Game Cache

    Can you show us the triggers you have so far? That would help greatly.
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    Blacksmith Help!!!

    What did you try so far and what are you having problems with.
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    Icon placement in buildings

    Every unit and every ability in the object editor has two fields called Button X and Button Y. You set their values (x is between 0 and 3, y is between 0 and 2) to set the position of the icon. The position (0, 0) is the top left corner. The position (3, 2) is the bottom right corner.
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    Combine 2 Passive spells

    I cant remember anymore whether you could level up the abilities within a spellbook via triggers. If not you can still replace the spellbook with a different spellbook which contains the higher level versions of the passive abilities. Things being complicated is the norm in the WE. Whenever you...
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    Worker Sounds

    I do not know the answer for sure, but it sounds plausible, that the sound is actually attached to the animation of the peasant. That is possible and it would explain the situation you are describing. Either way, giving your cutom model an animation for the repair and attaching a sound to it...