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  1. ayumilove Ice Theme Hero Contest #2 Video (Top 5)

    i have posted another video, which shows another 5 contestants <3 p.s. the hero abilities are balanced, its actually me using the special item to reset/refresh all the spell cooldown in order to show you the spell animation and how it works.
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    [Videos] Video Tutorial Compilation

    i vote for that too! mui spell :thup:
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    [Videos] Video Tutorial Compilation

    the voice on mirophone was difficult to listen :(
  4. ayumilove Ice Theme Hero Contest #2 Video (Top 5) Ice Theme Hero Contest #2 Video Preview (Top 10) This video is about ice theme heroes. The map can be downloaded from the link below (Hero Contest #2) <3 Each video shows only 5 contestants hero abilities since my hard disk...
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    Weird Lesbos islanders dispute gay name

    hi guys, what does it mean by n-word?
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    Warcraft Cinematic Movies

    Part 1 1yoL4b9zZZA Part 2 AJUKbgAPDvE
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    Cinematic Contest - Voting Thread

    part2 cinematics AJUKbgAPDvE
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    Cinematic Contest - Voting Thread 1yoL4b9zZZA
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    Cinematic Contest - Voting Thread

    This two cinematics below can't be viewed on my warcraft application, :eek: the rest are working <3 Exide_Battle of the Mountain - Cinematic Contest - Exide.w3x :confused: Knight7770_Cinematic Contest ~ Dalaran Ruins Invasion v3.w3x :confused:
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    omnislash + keyboard = type to slash

    i have this map before, but did not save it before reformatting the computer
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    omnislash + keyboard = type to slash

    anyone have this map? the map is about omnislash, but to do consecutive attacks one after another, the person need to type (left key, right key, down key. up key) if the person press wrong key, which does not match the one displayed on the screen, omnislash ends/stop
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    Spell Earth Spikes

    I don't understand this part "4 required generic functions (H2I, H2S, I2U, I2L) to exist in your custom text header. Check the sample map to see the function declarations." how do I add them in another map? <3 Edit To import this spell, you will need: - 2 required custom-text triggers, refer...
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    Tower Contest Voting

    lol is it manually activated? <3<3
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    Tower Contest Voting

    thank you <3<3<3<3<3<3
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    Tower Contest Voting

    i vote for emljr3 , it allows user to fish enemy unit and explode them? <3 hs-Nk_GW8Bc
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    Tower Contest Voting

    Video preview of all the tower defense submitted in this voting contest hs-Nk_GW8Bc very nice maps ^_^ edit: guys, i am kinda confused because some maps does not have the creator name o_o it says just another warcraft map. please put some effort to...
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    Christmas Official Spell Contest Video 2007-2008 eZdxkuL932E
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    [Contest] Official Christmas Spell Contest Voting

    My Vote: 1. Pyrogasm (fun to play with + nice effects) 2. Chilling Alchemy (fun to play with + nice effects) 3. Grymlax (I like how the spell functions!) Below is a video preview of all the spells being submitted for this Christmas Contest ^_^ eZdxkuL932E
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    Maple Hero Defense (Name May Change)

    you can upload to
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    Ayumilove Gameplay: Heroes 3 - how to defend a castle?

    why it could not run on your computer? mine can't run too >_<