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  1. Dark_Phoenix

    US News Topeka 'renames' itself 'Google, Kansas'

    It was photoshopped.
  2. Dark_Phoenix

    UK News Motorcyclist billed for damaging road after accident with sheep

    Remember kids, motorcycles are bad TWO WHEELS BAAAAAAD, FOUR WHEELS GOOOOOOOD
  3. Dark_Phoenix

    Environment Hobbits 'are a separate species'

    8000 years ago?!? That's relatively recent.
  4. Dark_Phoenix

    Gaming Duke Nukem developer goes bust

    DNF: Did not finish... /sadpanda
  5. Dark_Phoenix

    AD WALL - Looking For a Project to Join?

    Project name: Eternal Arena Link to thread: Project description: Hero arena focused on PvP. Places to fulfill: TERRAINING: Making my crappy terraining look better. :D BUG TESTERS: I need lots of bug testers. BUG SQASHERS: Some bugs I have no...
  6. Dark_Phoenix

    WIP [Arena] Eternal Arena

    Edit: This account is the owner of the account EternalSoulless, the creator of this map. Props to Aow_Hun7312, who helped me with this in its beginning stages. Light. Darkness. Dueling forces trying to control the world for better or for worse. For many a century these warriors have fought...
  7. Dark_Phoenix

    Why does this map close out

    Why is it a problem? [bump in disguise]
  8. Dark_Phoenix

    Why does this map close out

    This map loves to close out on people running windows XP. Like when it loads up, after it's done loading, after about 3 seconds WCIII suddenly quits. Can somebody figure out whats wrong? I checked the init triggers. Edit: It's made in WE Unlimited, though...
  9. Dark_Phoenix

    US News Bees move into foreclosed home in Port St. Lucie
  10. Dark_Phoenix

    Make a unit invulnerable to feedback?

    Is there a way to make a unit invulnerable to feedback ability?
  11. Dark_Phoenix

    Setting a max [max] mana

    I want a certain hero's mana maximum to cap out at 100 (his max mana cannot exceed 100, no matter how much int he has.) How's this possible?