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  1. Ice Bane

    Map Desynch after patch 1.1.1

    Anyone else had the same problems? Best regards. Icebane
  2. Ice Bane

    [SOLVED] Units with "Kill Resource"/Bounty - Not Working

    WHOOPS! Just saw I miss-posted this in the wrong cathegory, please move it! :)
  3. Ice Bane

    [SOLVED] Units with "Kill Resource"/Bounty - Not Working

    Some had problems with units giving bounty and after a lill' research I found that following fields on a unit must be checked if it will give any Bounty. 1. Obviously, "Kill Resource (0|0|0|0)" 2. Which enables a unit to give "Kill Resource" when killed; "Flags - Kill Credit" Also I...
  4. Ice Bane

    IMPORTANT! Starcraft 2 causing videos cards to fry

    I can't believe how many there was who fell for this, if this really was a bug blizzard would've fixed it in 0,1 seconds with a 1kb large patch. This is just bs.
  5. Ice Bane

    90% of Custom Games unplayable due to lag.

    I don't think we should worry, they'll fix it. They could establish three battle.nets.. They got that much money! Comon, its blizz we're talking about!
  6. Ice Bane

    Horrible censorship...

    Xordiah said they will fix that blacklist indeed! ;) Just look at Quoting: "Let's not overdramatize the situation and keep this in perspective. It is annoying, I give you that. We will be sure to look into the whole...
  7. Ice Bane


    That's just aweful! I haven't even progressed 50% of my project yet! :(
  8. Ice Bane

    Damage reduction - custom attributes

    Bah! Then I would prefer the Warcraft 3 way of editing text constants <.<
  9. Ice Bane

    Damage reduction - custom attributes

    I found texts like "Biological" and I changed it to "Attacker" to see if it worked. But I didn't notice any difference. How does it work? =o
  10. Ice Bane

    Power Up Items - How?

    Oh! So that it doesn't correspond to the inventory at all! :D That's smart! Another solution! Man thanks a lot, I've been trying to find a solution so hard! But still its so annoying that it was so simple! XD lol Anyway, thanks for response!
  11. Ice Bane

    Power Up Items - How?

    FINALLY some response! Thanks a lot <3 Gonna read it through tommorow.
  12. Ice Bane

    Power Up Items - How?

    At first, I know this is my second thread but my project will stand still till the day I know how to get powerup items. Power up items are items that are used instantly when picked up. Also power up items can be picked up no matter if your inventory is full or not. Does anyone know how to...
  13. Ice Bane

    Multiboard Template - Here you go!

    Okey so I figured I needed a Multiboard and found out that you need to use dialogs, this is a very dynamic system but a bit confusing in start. So I wanted to create a multiboard with columns and rows. One instance of a multiboard for each player showing a text in the left column and integers...
  14. Ice Bane

    Do you think we'll get new mapmakers out of this editor?

    I both agree and disagree. If the new people finds the communities they may get the help to get into it. But getting on with the GE on your own is very hard. I don't know how Blizzard will put it though.
  15. Ice Bane

    Adding an Actor to an Item?

    The item data type that can be assigned to a units Stats - Item is the only thing that can define that a unit is an item. I believe that items are only useful as long as you want an equipped item to have an effect. A pawnable Unit can't give effects, but as long as I've understood you can still...
  16. Ice Bane


    Sure you can, but the thing with terrain is that its blendable. Regions on the other hand are strict shapes. Much harder to get the shapes you want.
  17. Ice Bane

    Making a new unit

    In Warcraft III, which I'm guessing you have used, units, actors(the model), weapons, damage effects and behaviors are just ONE data type. Units. Seemingly very simple. In the Galaxy Editor however all of these elements are divided into different data types. You should think like this, the...
  18. Ice Bane

    Adding an Actor to an Item?

    This is how it works. Actors are NOT assigned to items. If you want an instance of an item in your map you have to create a unit for it and set that units Stats - Item to <The Item of Your Choice>. Then assign <The Actor of Your Choice> to that unit.
  19. Ice Bane

    Show Leaderboard X for Player Y - Where?

    The thing is, there is no "Show Leaderboard (SCORE_Leaderboard[X]) for Player Y) function. There is only "Show All Leaderboards for Player Y"
  20. Ice Bane

    Show Leaderboard X for Player Y - Where?

    Read the first post again, I edited it. Maybe now its a bit clearer ;P