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    League of Legends anyone play?

    Feel free to add me. About 2500~ games played over the last two years since beta. Not amazing, but I certainly hold my own. JonTheMaleficent in game.
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    Monitor goes blank randomly without warning

    I performed a virus scan and it found some random Java trojan. Afterward I entered safe mode and ran that for a bit with no issues. So far I've had two days without a blank screen and have been able to play full matches of my favorite game. Here's to hoping it may have been fixed.
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    Oh hi there...

    Oh hi there...
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    Monitor goes blank randomly without warning

    All settings other than Power and Screensaver are default (both of those being set to Never). The video card settings are set to "Let the app decide" though I've tried performance as well. I will try the scans and safe mode then post results.
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    Monitor goes blank randomly without warning

    At random intervals during almost any task my computer has begun to stop giving video output and the monitor goes blank claiming it is going into power save mode. It is worse during games in which it feels like it only goes about 5-7 minutes into the game before the monitor goes into power save...