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  1. chanta45

    World What's wrong with eating dog meat?

    This is a pile of bullshit. I can't believe people are THAT ignorant in imposing their culture onto others. Bunch of bullshit, you wouldn't go up to a tradition-based tribe and say "Don't eat that dog! We love dogs!" It's SO F***ing ignorant. I love dogs and cats, I have and still do own...
  2. chanta45

    World Tragic Chinese toddler weighs nine stone

    Scared of him? Really? Come on people, what's he going to do.
  3. chanta45

    Sci/Tech Shockwave-Generating Wave Discs Could Replace Internal Combustion Engines

    Oh thanks TheHelper, I did check it out and didn't see specifically where it said it combined it. Cool stuff though!
  4. chanta45

    Sci/Tech Shockwave-Generating Wave Discs Could Replace Internal Combustion Engines

    Out of curiosity how does it do away with the pistons? Those are used to transform the kinetic energy from the explosion into the rotational energy of the wheels, which in turn goes to the frictional energy that propels you forward. I wish it talked more about that, but still it's awesome!
  5. chanta45

    Technology Anonymous A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion - Communication #1

    Wow, good for them. Reading this was probably one of the better parts of my days.
  6. chanta45

    General Lost city of Atlantis, swamped by tsunami, may be found

    No references/pictures/anything? Sounds sensationalist to me.
  7. chanta45

    Sci/Tech Usage-Based Billing Hits Canada: Say Goodbye To Internet Innovation

    This is ridulous-We ain't saying goodbye, gunna fight it!
  8. chanta45

    US News And quietly in the corner - FCC pushes to regulate news

    People need to start standing up for themselves. The people control the country-not the other way around. Americans stand up for yourself.
  9. chanta45

    US News Dog survived Afghanistan and Oprah but did not survive Arizona Animal Shelter

    HURP.DERP. Poor critter, hope that employee facepalms into a bed of nails.
  10. chanta45

    Help! Windows live sign on,

    Hey guys, down visiting my woman and we are trying to play dawn of war together on the PC. We share one router and I can sign in just fine onto warhammer but when she tries too it says her windows live can't sign on due to network problems. Is this something to do with a conflict of IP...
  11. chanta45

    US News Wisconsin homeless man dines on park geese

    This is pathetic. Absolutely disgusting, some people are so ignorant. Really stop this man from feeding himself because he's hurting the geese? Piss off lady then don't order any meat products ever again.
  12. chanta45

    Amazing work with Editor (Third Person Shooter)

    Take a look at this guys map, done by a mapper called AC130K It's amazing, fluid camera and what seems to be controls, it looks so promising.
  13. chanta45

    Red Faction: Armageddon

    Anyone here who played Red Faction Guerrilla? If you havn't I suggest you pick it up right away. (Amazing game) Anyone who has be aware there is a new Red faction coming out, it takes place underground and while open spaces are no longer as prevalent, also mechs are said to be a little...
  14. chanta45

    [DnD] How many of you play? And help!

    That's not good! lol DM's who are way to anal about the rules can sincerely ruin the game, though the opposite situation isn't bad either. You can homebrew rules you just need to be consistant lol. Try again! It's so much fun.
  15. chanta45

    [DnD] How many of you play? And help!

    Good stuff, my DM was actually going to university there. And currently i'm just level 1 right now. I took monkey grip and tower shield proficiency at the moment. CR 3 though, made'im after my other character died. T_T
  16. chanta45

    [DnD] How many of you play? And help!

    Yah i've got the AC down, I made a Crucian (Turtleman, +6 Con +4 Str -2 Dex +8 AC) with fullplate, a tower shield and a warhammer (That's going to have defending,) I put my 18 in con so I got 24 constitution which is pretty damn good. I pretty much have access to any supplement within reason...
  17. chanta45

    [DnD] How many of you play? And help!

    How is that anyways? We all play 3.5 around here, but i've always wondered about the older editions
  18. chanta45

    [DnD] How many of you play? And help!

    28 views and 2 poll responses... SOMETIMES PEOPLE! And well thank you, and yes that's what it means :)
  19. chanta45

    [DnD] How many of you play? And help!

    How many thehelper members play some D&D? And if so.. What are some good items/feats for a "walking tank" style character. Just basic Fighter-->Defender (Dwarven Defender without the racial requirement) Got the AC boosting down, need something to counter spellcasters and increase...