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  1. Karyyk

    Check out what I picked up for $12...

    Very nice. How did you manage that? I always love a good deal story...
  2. Karyyk


    Did it not play Iron Soldier 3? The N2000 was always my primary player, and I got one of the retail copies of IS3 before it was recalled. It's been ages now, but I'm pretty sure I remember playing IS3 on the Extiva/N2000.
  3. Karyyk

    NUON in the latest issue of Edge magazine

    That's great. Nice to see NUON in print...and nice to be able to respond to something on the forums.
  4. Karyyk

    Does anyone still frequent this place?

    I'm not sure if "frequent" is the right word, but I do still drop in from time to time. I still have my N2000 and NUON games (sans IS3...needed some $...sadly).
  5. Karyyk

    anyone ever find any nuon games

    Cool to see a post after all this time. Still no NUON in the wild for me, not since its launch anyways.
  6. Karyyk

    The NUON DVD players and games have been discontinued for a long time now. Most of the things you see on their are new, in-stock items. Occasionally you'll see a marketplace seller with a NUON item or two, but that's about it (but the prices are generally bloated and it's increasingly rare).
  7. Karyyk

    Want a NUON pen?

    Are any still available? Would be a cool addition, that's for sure.
  8. Karyyk

    You want this (Official SDK, schematics, manuals and more)

    I would be quite appreciative if you would. :D
  9. Karyyk

    Jeff Minter Speaks!

    Heh, I don't have any waiting, as there's been a lot of good stuff coming out lately (Castlevania: SotN, Worms and Alien Hominid HD, which I have yet to grab), but I'll get them when the time comes. Between Live Arcade and the Wii's Virtual Console, I've been spending more money than I ever...
  10. Karyyk

    Any Good Super Hero Games?

    Defends on what you want. I personally thought Marvel Ultimate Alliance was great (got to have the Iron Man), and if you liked the X-Men Legends games, it's basically more of the same. Justice League Heroes is basically the same thing, but with the DC Universe instead (and it's lame...ok, so I...
  11. Karyyk

    My Wii-Play came in today!

    I bought it (saved $10 w/GCO) primarily for the controller, and I'm glad that's the case, because the game itself is decidedly forgettable. The shooting gallery, billiards and tanks are ok, but these just aren't the kind of games you're going to keep going back to in the same way that the Wii...
  12. Karyyk

    Final Fantasy XII

    I bought it during Christmas (TRU had it for $25 on one of their daily deals), played it for a bit, then just kind of got bored. It's as if they took a MMORPG and took it offline. I'll probably revisit it, but as it now stands, it's the first Final Fantasy I've been disappointed in since VIII.
  13. Karyyk

    youtube stops playing clip after 2 seconds.

    Interestingly enough, I've seen this happen quite a bit when attempting to play back YouTube videos on the Wii (Opera browser), much more than when I'm just on my Mac or work PC. That seems off if it's just merely on YouTube's end.
  14. Karyyk

    IS3 for the rest of us....

    After selling my NUON copy of IS3 (my RETAIL copy, *sigh*, something I regret to this day, along with my Turbo Duo, Neo Geo AES, etc.; goes without saying that I was unemployed at the time, heh), I picked up the Playstation version for about $10 later. It's pretty darned close really, and the...
  15. Karyyk

    You want this (Official SDK, schematics, manuals and more)

    Hmmm, apparently I missed something in my absence. I'm trying to see if it's available, but I'm guessing the odds aren't good.
  16. Karyyk

    Jeff Minter Speaks!

    And this is what he's working on...yeah, I know, you all know already.
  17. Karyyk

    Wii owners

    I was lucky and got my Wii online shortly after launch at (thanks It's been good so far, though I really haven't played it much lately. Oddly enough, my Nintendo DS has been taking most of my playing time of late, thanks to 2D Castlevania titles, heh. As for...