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    Spell Runes

    thanks thanks, will be used in Battleships Crossfire 4.52 as Minefield for the Advanced Minelayer +rep
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    check if building is training a unit?

    ok sry, forgot that strings cant leak. But you can not load the name nor anything else of a unit who doesnt exist. But i think the name of the unittype should be same as the name of the unit exept if the unit is a hero.
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    check if building is training a unit?

    well doesnt matter ;) it was just a suggestion, not a debug. I hope you solved the problems. :) Edit: doesnt your if leak strings?
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    check if building is training a unit?

    If you want to convert a unit type to a string use Convert (ger: Umwandlung) - Convert unit-type to string I think you should avoid this: (Btw what does the second one do? Shouldnt one be enough?) At last this looks like alot less cpu-work to be done... But you should use global...
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    check if building is training a unit?

    You can use: "event reaction - trained unit type" Thats the only way to react on a unit beeing trained (not on the trainer of course - the trainer is the triggering unit). As said b4 you can not reference to a unit which does not yet exist.
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    Spell Warp

    TimerUtils update it seems its not working anymore with the old TimerUtils thanks to H2I. Please update with the fixed one attached here. Btw: Nice Spell, thanks. I will use it in Battleships Crossfire 4.49
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    System Assistance System 1.20

    Thanks! Thanks for the system, I modified it to make it work with SerraAvengers kill-systems and use it in Battleships Crossfire for the next version (4.49). You are also credited in quests.
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    Item + Item = better item, help?

    Complex but stable system: For Combining, Doubling and Stacking of Items I can only suggest you use SerraAvengers system. I use it since years in Battleships Crossfire and its a very stable and reliable system.
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    Varine go fuck yourself

    Varine go fuck yourself
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    Possible cause for desyncs when buying units

    ghost is not the one to blame As far as I know if a ghost displays the message "desync detected" its basically the same as if one or more players get a disconnect with "connection to host interrupted" or like that. I also have a desync problem in Battleships Crossfire (bs cf) but at...
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    Varine = loool :)

    Varine = loool :)
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    US News 1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

    Well yes, but still if the soldiers rape other soliders it looks as if they also do it against rightless iraq ppl, where the fear of consequences is even less...
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    US News 1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

    lol Varine you are so rofl lol and a woman with a short dress wanted to be raped? Why should they all lie? LOL OMG I spelled Iraq like in my mother language - This really removes me from ANY discussion. Very political argument you have there. And becasue I am against war you can not...
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    lol you give bad reputation for poltical reasons. You have no discussion style at all. Maybe you...

    lol you give bad reputation for poltical reasons. You have no discussion style at all. Maybe you should have been teached how to discuss without crying.
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    US News 1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

    ... Wow really alot of inhumanity in a single topic... 1. The wont kick out the female soldiers, cause the NEED soldiers for their wars. Commercials to get soldiers already cost billions. And they also dont want to pay the rape-victims anything. But they want you at the homefront to be in...
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    General - Modifying the Command Buttons Completely

    Nice tutorial All mapmakers should use this, cause normal hotkeys can be in conflict with normal ones always! There are many different versions of wc3 and I dont think any mapmaker can check with all languages for key-conflicts... Every moveable unit with a custom ability can lead to a...
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    Auto cast ability, Like on Legion TD.

    Cant you just set a bool-variable when you say -fun? Then if a unit enters the game you check if -fun has been activated and if it has been activated you activate autocast too. If it was not activated the bool is still false and autocast will not be activated.:thup:
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    Prefered hotkeys

    not V btw: V is used in spanish and french wc3 versions for AValance / Venceremos (move). qwerty is maybe a bit unfair to europeans if y is used often. at last on german keyboards its qwertz. btw: To get working hotkeys you should think about changing the standard hotkeys...
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    System Anti-CheatPack System

    well... saw plz update the code (sry 4 double post)