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  1. Justice-BR

    Worker Classification

    just remove the worker classification when your hero dies and add back when the get revived.
  2. Justice-BR

    Defense The Great Siege of Talvar: Recruitment

    Your map is an ORPG with a little defense flavour on top. There are HUNDREDS of ORPG out there, all with same or similar systems. All with no replay value (you beat it, and move to the next) And there are few good castle defense maps. Actually no more than 10 decent ones. I think you...
  3. Justice-BR

    Mountain Pass

    It's ok Making maps it's all about experience you've to try and try harder, learning what's good and bad. this forum can always help you with ideas and code problems.
  4. Justice-BR

    Integer not changing??

    OMG cleeeeez please, learn something ask anyone if you want integers DO NOT LEAK his problem is simple he is destroying an integer that he will use again. simple.
  5. Justice-BR

    Targeting Problems

    well, the trigger will fire when the effect of the storm bolt start, anyway, you can try "finishes casting" too
  6. Justice-BR

    Action Affecting Any Item in Inventory

    you want a complex task you will need a complex system to do it. --------------------- still reading? ok, you need a attachment system (there are plenty on resources subforum.) that literally attaches some variables to units. If you think you can implenet that, proceed. Second...
  7. Justice-BR

    Unit Aggro Problem

    See? toldya that's a armor problem. It may be a custom system but some things are hardcoded. just revert the armor types and bang, the ne based on fortified will be the last one to be target this overrides priority
  8. Justice-BR

    Mountain Pass

    no it's a lot lame. anyway, i played your map with a friend. the terrain ins +/- its a generic AoS. I would you suggest to stop trying to make a dota ripoff and think about doing a good map. Unique stuff and so. Really recipes and itens are not unique and stuff. Glad you still...
  9. Justice-BR

    One townhall for many players?

    to the SAME building isn't possible. you can use invisible dummy building to return, and the town hall to cosmetic apprearance. To do that I would make a lot of no-model, no-patching, invulnerable buildings with reutrn lumber and spread acroos the "border" of the town hall. one or two for...
  10. Justice-BR

    [Spell Request] (need a name too :P)

    it's no impossible on gui but boy you will need to much sliding (a triggering way to move the unit - used on drag/knockback) and a MUI sliding on gui its a pain to get to work there are some on the resources subforum. good luck i dont think anyone would do this monster for free
  11. Justice-BR

    Mana Drain on Friend

    you will have to trigger it. I can think a way using some "enemy" dummy unit. when you cast on a friend (the mana drain ability), it creates one invisible and all other crap enemy units on the point of yout target (your friend). order the first one to drain mana (no visual effects)...
  12. Justice-BR

    problem with "counter" spell

    use that item ability that "counters" a targeted spell. its easy to trigger it from a passive to a debuff
  13. Justice-BR

    [spell request] evasion, movement- and attackspeed

    oh c'mon. its a lot more easy to trigger it with a disabled spellbook with the some self effect aura and evasion. and a dummy ability for the self buff (like... that roar from druid of the claw) there some nice tutorials about spellbooks on the tutorials subforum
  14. Justice-BR

    Unit Aggro Problem

    probably your got a problem with armor types too. units tend to attack unnamored ranged units instead of forticated armored melee units. try to mess a little with that to see what happens.
  15. Justice-BR

    Integer not changing??

    No it wont. otherwise any variable change would cause a leak Anyway, you got a looping playergroup leak that's more serious.
  16. Justice-BR

    Devotion aura gives twice the armor it should

    Are you sure that removing the buffs will make it stack? anyway, just try ti add the buff back
  17. Justice-BR

    Slow aura

    you can base two abilities in the same aura, just changing the buff and both will stack the problem I said is the same abilitie with different levels
  18. Justice-BR

    allied structure use in a 5v5 aos

    change gameplay interface?
  19. Justice-BR

    Slow aura

    Carl-Fredrik your solution has a flaw. when two "negative auras" of the same type affect the same unit, the less negative will prevail a -4 aura will be overwrited by a -1 aura.
  20. Justice-BR

    AD WALL - Looking For a Project to Join?

    Project name: Duo - Team Tactical Survival Link to thread: Project description: Double hero defense. Get a friend, choose a hero both of you, and survive. Dont let the creeps reach your goal. When all other teams fall, you win the round...