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  1. Tyrulan

    Gaming Blizzard, Hearthstone, and Hong Kong Discussion

    It's hard for me to condemn the initial ban of [the Hearthstone player] here, as he did break the agreements he had with Blizzard. There seems to be good reason for Blizzard to remain neutral as they are not a player in the political sphere. Maybe the ban was a little harsh though, especially...
  2. Tyrulan

    World China: 3-year-old toddler menaced by heavy falling glass door; Survives

    Oh Tom, your headlines get me every time. :D Sucks about the girl though, I spent over a year in China and can confirm this is business as usual.
  3. Tyrulan

    expected returns struct

    Your endstruct should encapsulate the saveHash function as well.
  4. Tyrulan

    Report Caffeine: Review of 200 studies suggests that a safe dose for an adult is only about 3 8oz cups

    5-Hour energy drinks contain only slightly more than a 200mg caffeine pill, and those are relatively safe for an adult. Why all the fuss? Anyone drinking excessive amounts of caffeine have it coming to them.
  5. Tyrulan

    Sci/Tech USC doctoral student unravels ‘tin whisker’ mystery

    The article refers to 'high-strain gradient' as the cause for these so-called whiskers, but the author never takes the time to describe what that means. Does anyone know? I wasn't able to find the answer easily with a Google search. :/
  6. Tyrulan

    Is there a downside to inlining conditions?

    The advantage of writing a separate boolean function can be for reuse and recycling. The compiler will not duplicate code if there is a boolean function, thus the map will load faster. It does slow down the execution, but the difference is so negligible that it doesn't matter. If later, your...
  7. Tyrulan

    Diffrence between Rad2Deg() and bj_RADTODEG?

    Oops. Edited for correctness. Thanks!
  8. Tyrulan

    External functions cause errors

    What's the error message you're receiving?
  9. Tyrulan

    Help with a zinc coded spell

    Hi Happy, I may look into this further, but I'm busy for a few days. Why don't you leave it alone for a bit and revisit it later? The answer may become apparent!
  10. Tyrulan

    Please tell me where the code leacks

    A couple of things. You should assign GetEnumUnit() to a local variable at the top of moveMe4 so you don't have to keep grabbing it. Second, you should remove any and all bj's out of moveMe4 (PolarProjectionBJ). To do this, you should replace the BJ with the wrapped functions that it is...
  11. Tyrulan

    US News Testicle-eating cousin to the piranha found in Illinois lake

    Well fuck. Now I have to know these exist?
  12. Tyrulan

    Getting back in(Trigger Help)

    You might want to consider using function pointers instead of "FirstOfGroup" as I don't imagine items are removed from the front of an array. Like so: local group deadUnitsGroup = GetUnitsInRectMatching(GetPlayableMapRect(),Condition(function groupFilter)) call...
  13. Tyrulan

    Sci/Tech Apple moves to ban Samsung's Galaxy SIII handset in the U.S.

    I feel patenting technology and ideas only hinders their progression and thus our progression as a human race. Yes, it's true, one man may have come up with an idea, and Iapplaud them. Unfortunately whoever documents the rights to that idea first is the one who gets the money with the way our...
  14. Tyrulan

    In need of suggestions for a good way to structure priorities

    So - assigning a priority value as an integer provides an easy mechanism for deciding more urgent orders. What's wrong with maintaining a sorted data structure? It should be fairly easy to always obey the first order in the structure. Why all the extra elements which tend to complicate the...
  15. Tyrulan

    In need of suggestions for a good way to structure priorities

    What happens when two priority orders are issued where the first has a higher priority than the second? (Assuming they are issued a few seconds apart.)
  16. Tyrulan

    Sci/Tech Apple moves to ban Samsung's Galaxy SIII handset in the U.S.

    I'm seriously tired of all things regarding patents. One should not be able to patent an idea.
  17. Tyrulan

    Discussion The End of Save/Load Codes

    May I ask, what is the purpose of this system?
  18. Tyrulan

    Detecting Orders

    This sounds simple to do - in JASS or otherwise. You need two triggers; the first will have one event polling for the ability you have in mind. The second will have three events: unit moves, unit casts, unit attacks. Its conditions however, must require the triggering unit to have the added...
  19. Tyrulan

    Diffrence between Rad2Deg() and bj_RADTODEG?

    Mhm, quite right. It's preference, since the speed difference is negligible.
  20. Tyrulan

    Diffrence between Rad2Deg() and bj_RADTODEG?

    Made even further useless by the editor's limited - but still apparent - implicit casting. local integer myInteger = 1 call DisplayTextToForce(GetPlayersAll(), R2S(I2R(myInteger))) call DisplayTextToForce(GetPlayersAll(), R2S(myInteger + 0.)) call DisplayTextToForce(GetPlayersAll()...