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    What are you listening to right now? The Archive!
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    Some Interesting Facts About Nintendo

    That's actually a stupid urban legend... @op I saw this before, but it baffles me the companies Nintendo is larger than, but I guess it makes sense.
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    US News Middle School Students in Washington Start a Real-Life "Fight Club"

    I hate that town. Extremely ghetto with drive-by drills at some schools. No surprise for me.
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    So who's hella excited for Battlefield 3?

    I am. Destruction 2.0 ftw
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    Akinator, the Web Genius

    I tried Grigori Rasputin. It got Leon Trorsky first, but that's inaccurate since he did rule Russia at a point, though briefly. Second, it got Mikhail Bakunin. Third it got Rasputin. Darn.
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    Starcraft II WoL Campaign - Thoughts?

    I need to stop posting at odd times. And, that sums it up nicely. The plot to me, didn't really advance the story much. The ending pissed me off. I still think it's good for a game plot, not by Valve standards though.
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    SC2 Names

    Keith @ USWest 176
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    Starcraft II WoL Campaign - Thoughts?

    Personally, I thought it was awesome, fun, and a decent story, bugged me at points though. The few plot holes are what make the game slightly worse than SC1 story wise. I felt some parts were only added to look pretty. (SC2 on Ultra is stunning) Like, Tychus. What did you think of it?
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    Indiana Jones was going to be a pedophile
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    Learning Piano to Get Laid (with Bo Burnham)

    Yup. Especially for the piano part. So fucking simple...
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    [NSFW] Pokemon But With Animals Instead

    @Whitesock you're a disgrace! That was terrific. Thanks. I like how it has little comments for a split second. It is true, that's how every episode was.
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    Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody (I couldn't get the embedding to work) I'll never get over the death of Freddie Mercury.
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    This is worth watching

    People like charisma, especially in a "leader" It's about congress we need to worry about, moreso than the president. I do agree with sqrage, actions will do much more than the spoken word. And to those who say, "Come up with a solution", the best thing my tiny mind can think of is work on the...
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    I've been doing singleplayer, no mods, and I've found only one piece of redstone dust, and that's when I came across a dungeon with loot and a spawner.
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    I've been here longer than all of y'all, except for Romek who's got me bested by a few months, and Vellu who joined at about the same time. But, it's been fairly off and on, plus I was really young back then.
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    World Swept to his death, the boy who told rescuers to 'save my brother first'

    You know why I hate society? Because douchebags at the Emmys and Oscars are endazzled in awards and admired and stuff, while people rarely do. Tell me, who's more selfless? 99% of the people at the Emmys or this boy?
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    US News Snow present in 49 of the 50 U.S. states: Florida is the only exception.

    There's no snow where I live, (In Seattle there is, but it's important to remember I live south of Seattle in Puyallup, where there's no snow, just rain) It's also 48 in the Fahrenheit.
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    Sci/Tech Tevatron atom smasher to close in September

    Have I ever told you the public really irritates me? Well, this is a good example of idiocy at large. This is important stuff. So much potential, so much to learn in that little known field. @Slapshot Very.
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    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Patch 1.2.0.

    Sounds like a terrific patch, it sucks I won't be able to play Starcraft 2 til I get a new computer, even though I preordered it for my birthday back in late June. :(