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  1. Insane!

    Whoa! :D

    Whoa! :D
  2. Insane!

    Poem for school

    Kool that was deep! :)
  3. Insane!

    model concept. (infested terran marine)

    Im going to steal some of the "facless one's" arms to make it more mutated. Can you do what gameman said, but make his a arms hydra brown and his suit cracked?
  4. Insane!

    My Photobucket Account is Being Raped

    there is a google script that allows searching of your photobucket accounts name and pass word :( and another that lets you set them
  5. Insane!

    Funny Picture Thread Archive - The OG!

    its gameman and yes he is uber :cool: -- I fixed it --
  6. Insane!

    Who get noxious when drinking Cola Zero

    It does the same, but at least your grandfather didnt hold on to an old coke with the different formula and make you drink it.
  7. Insane! GFX Worm

    ok :)
  8. Insane!

    Template Projectile Template!

    you may want to mention that its somewere in the middle of your code, else newbs may try and look up top were the object id's are placed. Edit: how would we set the damage in a range (say 1 - 100)? i belive adding that would make your trigger more usefull.
  9. Insane!

    Funny Picture Thread Archive - The OG!

    i wish i could rep you for that esb. its only one that made me laug out loud, while others gave me only a chuckle.:D
  10. Insane!

    Dungeons and Dragons

    the only geeky part is that your using your IMAGINATION you dont use you're IMAGINATION in video games. if you do, youre a nerd. :P
  11. Insane!

    Building Angles?

    you mean when it built?
  12. Insane!

    How to Give Constructive Criticism

    he had his name changed :(
  13. Insane! GFX Worm

    Im ignorrant. explain to me how would i be placed?
  14. Insane!

    Petrol Prices

    its 4.21$ a gallon U.S.A. currency. my car holds 150 dollars worth of gas, but im to young to drive it XD.
  15. Insane!

    How to Give Constructive Criticism

    Finnally i posted in a thread before it was stickeyed. my life is now 31% complete :D :OnToPiC: this can really help others who have problems getting the right words out.
  16. Insane!

    Useful Tools Thread

    well you have to find the scripts for it first.
  17. Insane!

    model concept. (infested terran marine)

    it seems an easy concept, until you start work on it. a challenge not brought on before - the infested marine. here it is so far UPDATED:
  18. Insane!

    How to Give Constructive Criticism

    this sorta helped me..
  19. Insane!


    while these guys stare at boobs here is my opinion. thes border look messy. the girl is ugly imo. the border is way to thick making the signature itself look smaller-ish. the text is to cartoony (but the render is a little cartoony in itself so I may forget about it). the lines on her...