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  1. Schyy

    RPG The RPG Project

    i thought about the round based system of d&d... and that would be much codelines that we need at the moment for other stuff... and i think the combat should be some kind of the original to give fast and inuvative fights like diablo and wow together
  2. Schyy

    Transfer Imports

    no u have to export em from the old map and import in the new map ... but there is no direct way
  3. Schyy

    RPG The RPG Project

    thanks for ur replys, the hero system isnt that clear at the moment but i think we cannot implant a system like d&d the system is much more a kind like the diablo hero system with the 3 skilltrees + extra stats but i cant say much more at the time because we have priority on the mainengine.
  4. Schyy

    Good Custom Trees

    check this out klick me
  5. Schyy

    RPG The RPG Project

    so i updated the post with some ingame screenshots of the camera view
  6. Schyy

    RPG The RPG Project

    thank ya for the reply and the criticism... the thing is ... i think about fun for everyone and the dungeons are a very high part of the fun... i also think thats no fun if there is a high lvl boosting u through a dungeon and u didn't saw the challenge. so we decided to this kind of...
  7. Schyy

    Ingame and minimap Fog

    Untitled Trigger 001 Events Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds Conditions Actions Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Visibility - Create an initially Enabled visibility modifier for (Picked player) emitting Black mask across (Playable...
  8. Schyy

    Hero Class brainstorm for my RPG

    these are exactly the classes which are in almost every RPG ! so were are ur unique classes ? ^^
  9. Schyy

    RPG Arena Terrainer

    how big is the map ? ... what do u need in the map ? only the arena ? or is there more ?
  10. Schyy

    Do I have to destroy local variables to prevent leaks?

    it wont laag if u dont have much variables running the hole game ... it is stupid if u have 2 grps in variables the hole game which u need for example to declare pvp settings and u declare the variables every sec and destroy it after so u declare at the start of the game and dont destroy or...
  11. Schyy

    A trigger question

    i think there is no simple way to do that ... u could store every attack from this unit in an integer and call it if he use the spell so u get the last attack dmg that he mades ... but its not simple i guess ^^
  12. Schyy

    Do I have to destroy local variables to prevent leaks?

    it is simple ... u can have some variables in the cache the hole game but if there are too much of them it starts to lagg so u have to destroy variables which arent needed the hole game like variables for a simple trigger if u only want to display a text to the players at the beginning of...
  13. Schyy

    Quest: How to use an item on a unit?

    there are a lot of quest engines out there wich allow these kind of quests and others for example kill quests ... try this ... its written in jass but very easy to use
  14. Schyy

    Trigger Help

    pick the units ... put em in a group ... make another trigger with event -every 1 second and actions -unit-kill a random unit from group
  15. Schyy

    Gold mines

    Units -> Neutral Passive -> Buildings -> Gold Mine EDIT: damn one minute too late ^^
  16. Schyy

    RPG The RPG Project

    Thank ya for ur reply Thank ya but this is not the final terrain ... it will be updated soon the idea is as follows... a dungeon must be a place to get a challenge and nice items as reward but if u are a low lvl (u can enter the first dungeon with lvl 10) and u got an high lvl in game...
  17. Schyy

    need help with a trigger

    Events Conditions Actions Unit - Order (Your Barracks) to train/upgrade to a Unit try this i didnt test it but i think it must work ;)
  18. Schyy

    Save/Load System Question

    i think you should read this post and the readme of the codemaker engine
  19. Schyy

    Inventory Help BX-TRSII

    The problem is solved for everyone who got the same problem and wanna fix it here is the instruction: go to trigger EquipItem and add the follow line function EquipItemAct takes nothing returns nothing local boolean equiped=false local boolean...
  20. Schyy

    Inventory Help BX-TRSII

    thank ya for ur reply but i still dont get it to work the items come into the 6 slot inventory correctly but if i use them "crit error" i tried diffrent types of booleans in that function but the systems seems to have an function that detects an usage of an item and try to get the item data...