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  1. Genyuumaru


    But some others chars won't have the possibility to buy a lot of stuff what makes them better for the late game because hey have more item and can buy more attributes. Exemple : Trunk : Slot 1 : Training bracer Slot 2 : Kimono Slot 3 : Senzu beam Slot 4 : Saian armor slot 5 : Blade...
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    Trigger: If condition Unit in region doesn't work

    The actions I posted in my edit should also help if it's the pausing that does that.
  3. Genyuumaru

    Detect Host

    How should I know :D I just trust people when they say it can desync.
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    Trigger: If condition Unit in region doesn't work

    This may be only a guess, but the Target Point of Issued order may disappear after you pause/unpause triggering unit. Hope I helped. Now my edit in reply to your edit: Set the tmp_point[0] before you pause/unpause triggering unit. After pausing the unit, order it to stop and unpause it...
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    Detect Host

    Simply put, a lot of players disconnect from your game.
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    Sound are crazy

    It's anoying just playing it :thdown:
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    Sound are crazy

    But I NEED a 3D sound :(
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    Sound are crazy

    .mp3 sounds don't play in 3D :( Even the default ones. Use as SOUND, 3D, Play sound on unit at 100% volume. Default .wav sounds play fine, mp3 sounds don't play at all (in 3D). And custom .wav sounds don't play too. Warcraft 3 has very many problems in the WE :(
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    Remove event

    Create ~10-100 triggers with same actions. Record all the events you are adding to the trigger somehow. When you need to remove an event, disable the trigger, add all the events except the removed one to another trigger and turn that other trigger on. ^^
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    Sound are crazy

    If I destroy 3D sounds I will never be able to play them again (so they don't need to be destroyed?). I have a 3D custom sound. It's .mp3 and has 3D checked, but it never plays when I use the Play sound on unit function. Same goes for wav and different kinds of format. So what's going on?
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    Map doesn't work on a Mac?

    Please be more specific about the conditions. I'm not using damage point :)
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    Map doesn't work on a Mac?

    What causes maps not to work on Mac? I use windows, but I still want mac users to be able to play the map. I don't use Newgen.
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    Vex's Optimizer and Forces

    Sorry, but saying that icons aren't helpful is a bit retarded :( So the fact that it's "text too" means it's worse? It's like in that joke: "If Chuck Noris has 5$ and you have 5$, Chuck Noris has more money than you." As for the problem: A good solution would be to start trying to...
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    Trigger Random Ends

    My only guess would be not enough memory? Ram? Memory leaks? You could TRY creating a timer which expires every 0.01 seconds and does ~10 loops or something like that.
  15. Genyuumaru

    Setting Player's Race Before the game?

    Go in the second tab where you design forces! It's there in the upper left corner. Edit: Sorry! It's the third tab! "Forces". Scenario>Force Properties... Edit 2: You have to check "Use Custom Forces" for that.
  16. Genyuumaru

    First unit in line of shot? Ability question...

    Use a boolean that is false by default and is set to true when a unit is hit. When you encounter a unit, check if it's true. If it IS, then don't damage it, because some unit was already damaged.
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    Vex's Optimizer and Forces

    I use a mix of GUI and Jass. And I have developed a NEW ANSWER to people that ask me "Why GUI?"! Because it's GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE :D I see everything, what goes after what, what happens. It's GRAPHICAL. I see the Icons of the actions etc., realy makes the triggers easier to read for USERS...
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    Multiple Events?

    I think I understand what you want to do. I suggest creating 2 different triggers for that :thup:
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    Pausing a unit causes it to turn off immolation?

    To first reply: It doesn't just pause the intervals. It turns it off completely (when you unpause it, it has it turned off) To the second reply: What ? xD Wtf? A fix would be for the immolation not to turn off. Anyway, I think I understood what you ment! And it's not realy immolation. It's...