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  1. Trithilon-V2

    Rotating the camera around a unit/point?

    Thanks a lot kind sir, sorry for checking it out late... I had left this thread for dead :P I use a similar approach for my upcoming Free Camera system that I was working on all these days. It looks pretty well... I shall be uploading it soon as soon as I have all the features I had planned...
  2. Trithilon-V2

    Rotating the camera around a unit/point?

    Where can you find the "Get Camera Yaw"? Where can I find the "Get Camera Pitch"? Sorry for such a late reply... I was ill. :( I desperately need to find these to work any further on my camera system. I have attached a map that shows the problems i detection/difference in between the...
  3. Trithilon-V2

    Rotating the camera around a unit/point?

    Yes... I have already done that and it works perfectly. But that reduces the scalability of a system (esp if I have a lot of cams) if you have to predefine everything with variables. Isn't there a way to do it without variables? Just setting the rotation of the cam everytime and then reading...
  4. Trithilon-V2

    Rotating the camera around a unit/point?

    OK.... I tried that, but it didnt give me any results. I have attached a map showing this problem, Can anybody please have a look at this? Here's what did in my triggers : Set Camera Events Game - Map initialization Local Variables Conditions Actions Camera -...
  5. Trithilon-V2

    Rotating the camera around a unit/point?

    Hello guys, I have been working on a machinima and I need to script a Camera system to record a lot of clips. The problem is the fact that, It seems the camera Rotation ranges from -180 to 180. My logic to the problem was : Event : Every 0.01 seconds Actions : - Camera - Set Rotation of...
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    Amplify Magic Damage

    I am not sure but how about negative runed bracers? (I am kinda out of map making for a while)
  7. Trithilon-V2

    Chrystallise Self (Ability Help)

    Here...this might help. Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions Ability being cast = Crystalyse Actions Unit - Pause (Triggering unit) Custom script: call UnitAddAbility(GetTriggerUnit(),'Aloc')...
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    stun skills no stun value?

    If you just need missle with damage...use parasite, death coil or acidbomb depending upon use.
  9. Trithilon-V2

    help with a trigger please!!!

    make an integer array named "Kills" or whatever of size 12. now do this. Event - A Unit Dies Condition - (what ever you want) Actions - If - Kills[(Convert Player to Player Number (Owner of Unit (Triggering Unit)))] = 25 Then - Set - Unit - Create (Your Unit) Else -...
  10. Trithilon-V2

    Detecting Items

    Use a loop :- For Each integer 1 to 6 do actions : if - Item carried by (Triggering Unit) in slot (Integer A) is of type ("Your item") then do - else do ---
  11. Trithilon-V2

    Random region

    If you want to generate random regions... Use the function which allows you to define a region with coordinates. and in the coordinates just use... (Math - Random Real between (Min X/Y of (Entire Playable Map)) to (Max X/Y of (Entire Playable Map))) However....if you want the to use...
  12. Trithilon-V2

    A favor to those who know how to make models

    By any chance is this model from the MMORPG named "Ragnarok"?
  13. Trithilon-V2

    Dinosaur Island Idea help [Rep will be given] could end the game with a Metoer shower. (Mass Inferno) and that could count as dodging and surviving as long as possible. The longest survivor get points. OFF TOPIC : When do i get to change my user status... i mean how many post>?
  14. Trithilon-V2

    Making each ai unit attack move to a different place

    If you want them to wander.... give them the neutral passive wander ability. If you want them to attack at random places....just use the trigger above..... But it has a unit group and a point leak.
  15. Trithilon-V2

    My heroes don't count as heroes!

    Do you mean you want duplicate heroes to exist? If yes delete the "Melee Game - Limit Heroes for all players to 1 hero per type" for the initialization trigger.
  16. Trithilon-V2

    If a destructable dies, does its variable get reset?

    I think...its like units. The if unit gets removed from the game... the variable wont be holding a null value nor will it hold the value of the will be undefined. The best way to check this is to see if the Max life of the unit is 0.0. If yes the unit doesnt exist. I guess the same...
  17. Trithilon-V2

    [Spell Shield]: What works/doesn't work?

    Dude....did that solve ur problem? I tested it throughly....and peircing attack didnt trigger my spell sheild item. Btw you could set the point value of the unit to a particular value for all the units that have peircing attack.
  18. Trithilon-V2

    Random Poison Ability

    Last i checked waits dont work in loops..... Use a repeating timer..... have a counter that counts the number of times the timer has expired. everty time the timer expires there is a 10% chance of the stun ability being cast.
  19. Trithilon-V2

    A summoned corpse shop

    Off Topic : Accname whats the deal with the [Z] prefix to all of your uploads?