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    [SKILL] Can i Request such a thing here?

    I need a Breath of Knockback spell. it's like a breath of fire but without the fire effect, just a knockback wave. the effects i can make by myself, So, anyone can make my request ? "pl0x" xD
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    Removing an item from a shop

    i remember that in the most times this actions do not work, it worked?
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    Custom hero help

    You can make a market place selling the skills and then Trigger it A Unit acquires a item Item type of acquired item equal to "ITEM_SKILL" Actions Remove ITEM_SKILL from hero add ability ITEM_SKILL to buying unit try it
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    [BSOD] dammit...

    man, i'm trying to solve this bsod on this OS, i do not like any linux like, ubuntu is cool, i used a long time ago, but no, i'm not about to use again, i need a solution
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    try restarting the map, save and close the map, then open it again. are u sure that the model path is correctly setted?
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    [BSOD] dammit...

    bump =.=
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    [Action-Adventure] » Chernobyl - Lost Riddles

    WOW it's really warcraft? i'm... i'm.... holy shit. incridible :D
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    Arena Angel Arena Allstars 1.70+

    youkaiz, this guy is a legend in a portuguese forum that i'm in. So, if ya need any help that aren't in triggering, just call me :thup:
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    Need Spell ideas

    you can insert something like "Great Fortitude" That increases the health cap :]
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    So.. Which ORPGs are fun to play?

    i've played TKoK alone when i was without internet connection, and surely nothing to do... it can be player alone, but i'd preffer with at least a friend
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    cant test map wif newgen

    try saving map before test
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    So.. Which ORPGs are fun to play?

    TKoK is fun :] (but not to play alone at all)
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    Why is it delay?

    sure it can be the host :D
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    [Warfare] Serenity_Necris

    Project aborted cus i'm unnable to fix bugs in the map, and no one helps out
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    [Warfare] Serenity_Necris

    it will be a great fix to my map, right before the beta version. (i'll release the beta in a few days)
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    Jesus4lyf - Transport vJass Problem

    heya jesus4lyf, if think i've fixed it. but not. it still giving me problems, and the hero is going to the start location '-' idk why.
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    Very First Terrain. How can i improve it!

    i wondering how any unit can "walk" onto the river's bridge instead of the higher one
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    Capture the NODE system!

    Yay! i'm making it, just some fix here and i'm done wise man
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    Jesus4lyf - Transport vJass Problem

    it's fine (i think) greatfully the problem is now solved :D
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    Capture the NODE system!

    Hello, and before anything, it's here to post? XD ok. First let see this pic. Like we see in the pic. there's a yellow path linkin the Power Core within the Power Core. Now i'll try to explain how it works Every player on the red team has to capture the Prime Node, linking all in...