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  1. keychup

    Can anyone give me ideas for maps that I can make?

    you know skibi's castle? (it should be in your wc3 maps) i liked the way all those towers had so many varying abilities. Why not make a Plants vs Zombies-type game with your own towers. Rate of income can be based on "sunflower" structures instead of how many monsters you kill so that there...
  2. keychup

    Fire Lowers Armor

    nvm, solved
  3. keychup

    Fire Lowers Armor

    EDIT: Problem Solved (Removed the conditions when modifying levels. These conditions were used on a previous calculation method) Effect Desired: When a unit takes damage from fired-based spells it applies the BURN status for up to 5 seconds. While under a BURN, the unit's armor is decreased by...
  4. keychup

    Wanted help to create a new hero using the world editor

    Yeah, like shooting a missile. This is where you start making slide/force/push triggers in which dummy units/player units are given a set velocity and are moved across regions of the map in intervals to give an illusion that it is travelling smoothly.
  5. keychup

    How to make custom immolation stop at 0 mana?

    how is your mana regeneration?
  6. keychup

    Spells aditional effect

    create a dummy unit with the appropriate spell and have it cast the extra effect as you cast the main spell
  7. keychup

    Auto-Attack based spells?

    TRIGGER 0: Game Initialization Create a hashtable Set Hashtable = Last created hashtable TRIGGER 1: E: A unit is issued an order C: Issued Order is equal to flamingarrows (or whatever) A: Set Booleanvariable = True Hashtable - Save Booleanvariable as X of Key(TriggeringUnit) in Hashtable...
  8. keychup

    Trigger Evaluation

    and there it is. i will have to reconfigure my map after all. your observations have been noted. i express my gratitude.
  9. keychup

    Trigger Evaluation

    tell me more about if then else. is it not the same as using event condition action?
  10. keychup

    Trigger Evaluation

    So I came up with this system a long time ago. Id like to know what you think and spot any drawbacks. The trigger basically runs periodic events so that i won't have to create multiple triggers using the [Time - Every X seconds] event Id also like to know if it is necessary and if it...
  11. keychup

    Wanted help to create a new hero using the world editor

    haha. slow is instant. there is no missile. frost nova is instant as well. COLD NETS step 1: you should make a dummy unit of the model with a net missile give that dummy unit the ability "kaboom" set movespeed to 522 step 2: create an event: a unit starts the effect of an ability, and...
  12. keychup

    help! need to remove damage stacking from my triggered lightning shield

    If you dont want the damage to stack then how will you be able to detect damage from shields created by different players?
  13. keychup

    Custom Lightning Effects?

    you can't make it black. but you can make it gray. extract the lightning texture, recolor it to grey then import it. overwrite the original texture using this texture by using the original texture's path. the reason why you cant make black lightning effects is because if you extract the texture...
  14. keychup

    Help with DotA's Psi Blades

    it's just an upgrade attack type: missile - line spill distance: 700
  15. keychup

    Need Help - My trigger doesn't work for reset ability cooldown

    move the integer comparison condition down to the actions section. use the if/then/else function
  16. keychup

    Need help with my spell

    i forgot to tell you something. it would look better if you create the unit a short distance away from the caster and at random angles so that it is more noticeable that there are actually 3 firebolts. use this instead: EVENTS a unit starts the effect of an abiity CONDITIONS ability being cast...
  17. keychup

    Need help with my spell

    new suggestion: EVENTS a unit starts the effect of an abiity CONDITIONS ability being cast is equal to firebolts ACTIONS set point = position of triggering unit for each integer (from 1 to 3) -create 1 firebolt dummy at point -add Kaboom(Clockwork Goblin) to last created unit -issue order...
  18. keychup

    Spellcraft Spell's orbs

    Unfortunately you will not be able to use my trigger to upgrade your spells. You cannot obtain, for example, Flamestrike without 3 flame orbs. If you do have Flamestrike, picking up another orb will only determine the second ability, not upgrade the first. If you want an ability to be upgraded...
  19. keychup

    Spellcraft Spell's orbs

    hold on, so the idea is to pick up 1 fire orb to get 1 ability and pick up a second orb to upgrade it? i thought you had to combine 3 orbs to get a spell. Please wait for my trigger. I can handle all the abilities.