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  1. xPheRe

    Howto: Starcraft II under Wine (Ubuntu Linux)

    Thanks!! I found this post while searching how to improve WINE performance on my system. I'm also the proud owner of a SC2 beta key, but can't play at home because it doesn't run under Ubuntu. A coincidence? I think it's not :) Thank you, phyrex1an Kind regards
  2. xPheRe

    partition disk edit formatting software

    If I am not wrong, you have a ghost image of your disk, but the current partition table isn't the same size as the ghost one, so you can't restore your image. I don't use windows at all, but I suppose you can download a bootable disk/cd from the net (maybe in here?) Then boot from it and try...
  3. xPheRe

    KelTorin's legacy (A custom campaign for WC3 TFT)

    The end of the path Hi again, TheHelper.Net Today I received a mail telling me that my PM inbox is almost full. I came here and checked that this community is still alive and helpfull, like it was two years ago, when I left because I had no time left to spend developing my own maps. I saw...
  4. xPheRe

    Trigger questions...

    The first one works. If you look carefully at the tiny text shown when you select the "Destructible within rect dies" event you'll see So maybe your destroying one of the destructibles that aren't registered in the event. In the second trigger, the condition in your If is a little weird. if...
  5. xPheRe

    Balancing for No Food/Wood/Air

    What's the deal with this thread? You can bump your old one instead... Maybe commenting posts from other helpers... like mine.
  6. xPheRe

    Third Person Camera. It desyncs?

    I'm working on a minidefense map where you control only one unit. I want the camera to be third person like in Tomb Raider or Resident Evils. This is my code (in JASS). I want to know if it would work without desyncs in multiplayer.function Camera_Rotation takes player p returns nothing...
  7. xPheRe


    Nice JASS tut for beginners. I'd put more work on indentation, since your code often looks like a mess of words. function bool takes nothing returns boolean if udg_a == true then return true else return false endif endfunctionSecond is cleaner, I think ;)
  8. xPheRe

    Fade Filter for ONE player

    If you look carefully to your triggers, you're checking the player comparison twice. The first one in the if( GetLocalPlayer() == ... ) and the second one inside the CinematicFilterGenericForPlayer function. Remove the first condition check.Events A unit starts the effect of ability...
  9. xPheRe

    Fade Filter for ONE player

    Two ways. Use a player variable, then set the variable to Owner of (Casting unit) and replace Player(0) with udg_your_variableSet playerTemp = Owner of (Casting unit) Custom script: if( GetLocalPlayer() == udg_playerTemp ) then ... Custom script: endifThe other way is calling JASS code...
  10. xPheRe

    is it just me or unit animation trigger doesnt work

    There's no need for a hardcoded JASS ability. This can be done under GUI with a minor custom script.Events A unit finishes casting of ability Conditions (Ability being cast) equals to (Your ability) Actions Custom script: call SetUnitAnimationByIndex( GetSpellAbilityUnit(), 0 )
  11. xPheRe

    Fade Filter for ONE player

    This is all the JASS involved in the operation. Maybe, if you post your triggers, we can do something about your problem.
  12. xPheRe

    help with dummy units

    Often BJ functions are warpers between GUI actions and JASS. Sometimes it's because parameters in the GUI function are in different order than in the JASS one. Or they need some convertion (strings to ability codes and everything) But IssueTargetOrderBJ... is really useless, yes.
  13. xPheRe

    How do you make special effects?

    I hope this simple example map clarifies some things...
  14. xPheRe

    Summon Spell

    You must edit the buff of the ability to be able to change the name of the summoned unit. Create a custom buff based off of the Summoned Bear one. Then change the name to whatever you want and set the buff of the ability to the custom one.
  15. xPheRe

    Abilities Chance to do Effect

    Use a custom Orb of Lightning ability. Set the value for every listed field: Data - Chance to hit Heros % Data - Chance to hit Units % Data - Chance to hit Summons % Data - Damage bonus Data - Effect ability => This is the ability that will be cast (with chance) Data - Enable attack index...
  16. xPheRe

    Fade Filter for ONE player

    A little explanation half-off topic. Local Player and locals are two differentiated things. Local player is the player who plays on a computer. So, the function (Local Player) will return different values in every computer. Locals are variables that only have meaning inside a trigger. Thus...
  17. xPheRe

    Hiding a unit for 1 player.

    Desyncs are caused by actions that happen on some computers and not on others. This actions must use net traffic to cause the desynch. Mainly, actions with no traffic are those related with showing something trough the screen. Almost every action that shows/hides something. Text, tags...
  18. xPheRe

    Hiding a unit for 1 player.

    Is this a statement or a question? If it's a question, I think Hide unit uses no net traffic, so this would work without desyncs.
  19. xPheRe

    Removing Food and Wood= Problems?

    I suggest too to make adjustments depending on the race. Night Elfs can mine tons of lumber with no big effort, so lumber should matter less than in other races. Undead also have a great advantage in lumber, because the unit that harvests lumber is also a melee one. Lumber is very important...
  20. xPheRe

    Local Players, Null?

    Try using call StartSound( gg_snd_ClanInvitation ) instead of PlaySoundBJ I think StartSound uses no net traffic... not sure. But PlaySoundBJ sure it uses traffic and it will cause desyncs. Also, you don't need to nullify globals. But you must nullify local variables. Most common types...