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  1. Pineapple

    Buying a Laptop

    I am in the market for a laptop, currently I am looking into the 15" Mac Book Pro. With all the inercharging it will run me 2600. Link: I am willing to pay for the upgraded: 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 8GB memory Hi-Res Anti-Glare...
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    Nyan Cat

    no, this is ont in the wrong forum. Listen to this.
  3. Pineapple

    Mic 'What You Hear'

    I know how what you hear works, I am wondering if I can however, play what I hear from just one program running on my computer, like windows media player or firefox.
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    Signature Jaimie Alexander

  5. Pineapple

    Can you Two-man the Whale Shark? X4ziA2ZbkyE Yes, yes you can. This was... difficult to say the least.
  6. Pineapple

    Dragon Quest Vectors

    Slime, Jargon, and Dracky appear! What do you think?
  7. Pineapple

    Poison Buffs, Stacking, and all that stuff.

    Okey, In my TD I have 3 poisons, Spider, Muscle, and Toxic. Spider lowers movement speed and deals damage. Muscle lowers movement speed. Toxic deals damage. I want it so that when a unit is hit by all three types of poisons, it displays 3 different buffs on the unit. Next, I want...
  8. Pineapple

    TD Pineapple TD

    Pineapple Tower Defense Name Pending Previous Thread... Let's See... Pineapple Tower Defence is an interesting tower defence. Why? Because it’s both a solo and a team tower defence! You probably don’t know what I mean by that; let me explain. It’s for up too eight players, and all the...
  9. Pineapple

    The Frozen Throne Digital Download

    I've recently tried to install Warcraft 3 agian, and discovered my disc was scratched to high hell. Needless to say, it doesn't work anymore. So I went on my account and tried to install TFT from it. Well, I downloaded the installer and got to work, waited for it to install where it...
  10. Pineapple

    Extinction Webpage

    Here is the layout for the [future] Extinction website for the [future] creative state. Home Page [Lorum Ipsum text for now - placeholder] Infected Zombie Page [Showing off the table :)] // These are not high quality and were compressed in size, pardon the blur of some areas.
  11. Pineapple

    Canada Day

    Have a good Canada one and all! If you're in the capital there is so much to do and see. :)
  12. Pineapple

    Star Trek: Tik Tok 7ZWaWrvJ7nA
  13. Pineapple

    Scourge Chat Log #1 Read it and laugh!
  14. Pineapple

    Starcraft Image Poll

    Starcraft Image Poll Here are all of the submissions, vote for your favorite - just remember, the theme they were to work with was If Starcraft was real. The top three are granted Starcraft 2 Beta keys. Contestant 1: Tequila Contestant 2: Zerg Rush Contestant 3: Zerg Pest Control...
  15. Pineapple

    Starcraft Image Editing Contest

    Starcraft Image Editing Contest Yes, an Image editing contest - With a twist! The top 3 will receive.... Star craft 2 beta keys! Yep. top 3 get to play some Starcraft! how do you win? Follow the theme and make a hilarious picture, a poll is posted and the top 3 win! Simple isn't it? Well here...
  16. Pineapple

    Sexy Day

    Happy Sexy Day to all and to all a good night! yc4hyi4ufG4
  17. Pineapple

    Environment Face of Fear: Funnel-webs

    Forget sharks and crocodiles: the real menace at this time of year, at least for surburban Sydneysiders, is a backyard spider whose bite can kill you in the space of two hours. experts have warned that the city is being invaded by funnel-webs, considered one of the world's most aggressive...
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    No one has started a thread for this movie yet? Well I will, it was absolutely amazing! A little bloody at some scenes... but the way vampire should be. :)
  19. Pineapple

    General AC/DC's Music to be Featured in Iron Man 2

    Through a unique collaboration between Marvel Studios and Columbia Records, AC/DC's music will be featured in Marvel Studios' Iron Man 2. Also, Columbia Records will release the album "AC/DC: Iron Man 2" on Monday, April 19, 2010. "AC/DC: Iron Man 2" features 15 classic AC/DC songs selected from...
  20. Pineapple

    How NOT to Debate