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    Map Configuration

    Really, guys.... Disable half of the triggers. Does it still occur? If so then its in the enabled, if no its in the disabled. Take the half where the trigger is, rinse and repeat. Hard? Extremely. Binary search solves everything /discuss. PS. Someone's gotta write a guide to...
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    Read on them? JASS may have nothing to do with Cpp. For example the arrays we use in JASS are indeed dynamic, but they seem not to be as C++'s vectors (did a small test somewhere, gonna find it if u want). First, hashtables use (Surprise!) a hash function on the keys and then store the...
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    System Status

    Percentages 1% - 511%? +30% IAS would be modAttackSpeedBonus(30)
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    J4L's "Damage" breaking the thread ?!

    Yeah, found a flaw. What I wrote about it being "fixed" when using mass-killing AoE abilities would be wrong, as if you kill a unit that doesn't give XP and one that does with, let's say, a thunder clap, it would most probably run the damage events instantly one after another, the 1st unit will...
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    A question on Trigger Creation

    globals hashtable ht //created in the GUI variable editor if you aren't using vJASS, or even substituted by Table by Vexorian if you do endglobals function TestFunction1_Conditions takes string a returns nothing local string a if GetUnitTypeId(GetTriggerUnit()) == 'hfoo' then...
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    > the unit is technically not null. Why? I don't know. Because it exists. A dead unit is still an unit nonetheless. It just has one classification more- UNIT_TYPE_DEAD. On your problem, try debugging more. Obviously you are sending a null unit (the reasons may be many - incorrectly indexed...
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    J4L's "Damage" breaking the thread ?!

    On lethal damage pick all heroes allied to the damage source, suspend their XP gain, start a 0 sec timer, and on expire revert the change (if it should be reverted). Shouldda work, neither tested nor anything but.. try it. native SuspendHeroXP takes unit whichHero, boolean flag returns nothing...
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    Can(Will) Anyone Teach Me DotA?

    > Every str-hero is good except Pit Lord Yeah, he is awesome. Turtle, initiate, tank, disable, massive creep killing capacity. You won't probably get beyond with him, but played well, he may prove to be the backbone of the entire team. Garena is a gaming platform where for PUBs you gotta...
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    Discussion N-Dimensional Arrays, Useful?

    Wait, if I got it properly, you have the main object, with a linked list on it; then every child node of that object gets added to the list. So if you write arr[1][2][3] then the 1 is attached to the main list, 2 is attached as 'next' of 1 i.e. in the same list and so on. Then you save into...
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    Discussion N-Dimensional Arrays, Useful?

    Really cool as a concept (and realization) but really can't seem to find a use for it anywhere. Also, at its current state .destroy() doesn't work - stops the thread. Though I'm not quite sure if I understand your recycling mechanism, I suppose it comes from the .allocate() instead of...
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    Unit that visible to one player

    Using JASS' GetLocalPlayer() in a Custom Script line, either set their scaling value (and/or transparency) to the lowest possible, or set their z-height (after exploting the fly bug from medivh's raven form - easiest is by pasting this in your map) to extremely high. The custom script for...
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    Remove Commands from Unit?

    Adding the "Locust" ability to an unit will make it unselectable and uncontrollable. Another but kinda non-clean way to make an unit selectable but uncontrollable would be to make a trigger fire when an order is issued and either stop the unit, or re-issue the last given order (using some kind...
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    Structs extends, what can they all be used for ? :S

    Erm, you can't extend native types. Only other structs and "arrays", although the latter simply means the struct will act as an array and not create automatically allocate/deallocate methods. Structs extending arrays are used when you don't use (de)allocates - when indexing objects, when...
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    [Useless] Array allocation

    That is how Cpp vectors work and that's why I tested first allocating index 4100 (>4096), and only after that - 8100(<8192). As 4100 > 4096, if it was working as you described (and as C vectors work, as I mentioned), it would allocate all the memory at that point so when I used index 8100 no...
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    [Useless] Array allocation

    Erm, being kinda homesick, having plenty of free time, blahblah.. in short decided to test how array allocation works. Conclusion: Arrays are resized (surely reallocated) when a size request is issued. In other words, the size of an array (and correspondingly the memory it takes) depends on...
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    How else to code unit with buff takes damage

    No, as even if there was (for example on spell cast add 'unit takes damage' for the target) you can't remove events from triggers. Which would mean you need to manually destroy/create them. Which is what Damage does anyways, so it actually becomes slower. Also 'any unit takes damage' with...
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    Snippet GUI-Friendly Damage Detection

    Setting a (surely empty) array's 5063rd member should allocate at least 5062 (surely empty) booleans in the game's memory from what I understand? Since arrays are consecutive in memory and blahblahblahboringtalk, my point is: you reset it anyway, so simply use the 0 index of the array. It is...
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    revive trigger not compiling

    function PlayerReviveConiditions takes nothing returns boolean PlayerReviveConiditions Coniditions Simply a misstyped function name, I suppose.
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    grow/shrink trigger not working

    Your calculations are wrong. local real scale = 200 - scaleFactor this should be simply local real scale = 100.00 + scaleFactor as it is in your other function. Or set scaleAmnt to 0 for the shrink function. Also you can make the 2 functions one, saving whether you are...
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    Return bug

    I have no idea what could be wrong in it, although I can't be bothered to check all of the scripts. But simple "return null/0" search didn't show anything so it seems not be return bug. I suppose it may be something changed in object data, but I am not that good with this material. PS. I...