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  1. WarToast

    Tool luna - sc2 galaxyscript compiler

    Why "Luna"? Also, in what language did you write it?
  2. WarToast

    String concatenation

    Oh sweet, I missed the "combine text" function, thanks :)
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    String concatenation

    Hey, I am wondering how I can create an effect similar to "Value of a is: " + a with the GUI editor. This is what I have now. UI - Display nightNumberConverted for (All players) to Debug area What I want it to do is UI - Display "Value is: " + nightNumberConverted for (All Players) to...
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    Converting string to real, after "Word Of String"

    Ah I realised my error before. I couldn't convert my string variable to real because I clicked wrong... It should work now. And thanks, I am basing my version on the last of your submissions. Now I need to make it only act if it's a number within my (to be defined) bounds and of course that it...
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    Converting string to real, after "Word Of String"

    Solved Solved Solved Hey, So I'm trying to make this function that lets a player type in a message, and the camera will then zoom in or out depending on what the player wrote. The way I wanted this is that you can type "-cam 200", and the camera will zoom to a distance of 200. You can also...
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    Making your own Hero vs having pre-set abilities

    Preset. I like when heroes have identity. However, 20 seems a bit much? I know you can't choose all 20, but I'd rather have 5-10 more cool/unique spells
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    * Revenge of the Skeletons *

    I have a problem when hosting this map. (using WC3TFT version 1.23 - newest as of may 22nd) Whenever people join, they get kicked the moment they enter. I can't even join it from my other computer, LAN nor Bnet. What's wrong ;_;
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    Cancelling a single order

    Yeah, haven't fixed the leaks yet, but I'll do that. to clear things up, I'm talking about multiple build orders. the unit Peasant Building is rooted and has 0 movement speed, but can be ordered to build.
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    Cancelling a single order

    Detect Order Events Unit - A unit Is issued an order targeting a point Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Peasant Building Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions...
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    Cancelling a single order

    ..While still keeping the rest. How to do it? I don't want to be ordered to stop, so I defined the single order in an order variable and want to cancel it.
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    Non-controllable workers to work!

    Alright thanks man, I'll see what I can do with it and report back. However I'm confused by the weird signs :rolleyes: EDIT: By the way, would it have to be written entirely in JASS to make it MUI? Because of local variables. The issued order string doesn't work, as seen on the screenshot...
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    All Random Help

    (Unit-type of (Selling unit)) Equal to Random Hero (Human) selling unit = the unit selling something, so unless your shop is this "Random Hero" then you should probably change that.
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    Which Race Do You Like Most

    Voted orc. Love their building design and their units. Like NE and UD it just seems so nicely thought out. Not too fond of human. Their units and buildings are not very interesting compared with the other three brilliant races
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    Non-controllable workers to work!

    Non-controlable minions to carry out another units order! Alright here's the deal I want a main base to have the option to build, but since it's a building it will be rooted. So when I choose a building and place it, I want the the 'ressources' (maybe 'build tiny building') to be dropped...
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    Best Framerate you'd Expect?

    You realise there's quite a difference from let's say 20 to 50 fps? Have you never watched movies or shows where the fps is clearly higher?
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    Funny/Cool WoW Guild Names

    Haha at the last one. I think The Seal Cub Clubbing Club was renamed to Orgrimmar Trash Collectors, or something in the likes :D
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    Recommend a multiplayer game

    I like the idea and some of the heroes, but the map is boring I think. Or becomes boring quickly.
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    Warcraft 3 Maps Review Video

    I actually like these reviews, even though I've already played most of the maps for myself. But yeah as someone already said you sound like a robot, are you reading directly from a script? Love it anyways..
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    Help find sfx

    I used Abilities\Spells\Other\Incinerate\FireLordDeathExplode.mdl Sorry didn't see
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    Map Rename.

    I'd take that before someone else does.