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  1. Joccaren

    A strange bug

    Well, yes. Eventually there will be multiple Air Village Faction groups that will be run through with this voting trigger. The trigger first gets every unit in the air village group, checks if they are a Master, and if they are, adds them to a voting session group. It then runs through the...
  2. Joccaren

    A strange bug

    At the moment its just a placeholder in the most part. Its meant to assign units to a specific village group dynamically as needed in game. As I haven't built the systems for that yet though, I simply use all the units inside a given region as my test village set, and they are all added to the...
  3. Joccaren

    A strange bug

    Alright, so after a bit of RL stuff, finally got around to some debugging. The core of the issue is that the custom value of the unit seems to be set to 2, rather than 1, and hence it references an empty unit group rather than the one with units in it. The unit group should be working and all...
  4. Joccaren

    A strange bug

    >Sounds like an odd bug here. Yeah, I'll delete its data entry, and start making it up in the object editor again from scratch. ATM I don't have any terrain, or much object data done, its mostly the background system triggers I'm working on ATM, so if I have to start a new map to get rid of it...
  5. Joccaren

    A strange bug

    Ok, so I've got the unit to build and all finally. The group still isn't moving, which is a bit annoying, but its less essential than the rest at this point. Another issue has arisen though. I duplicated a Town Hall, gave it the animation tags Upgrade and Second to have it look like a castle...
  6. Joccaren

    A strange bug

    From memory the array size didn't matter, unless you were setting default values for the variables, whilst I declare what is in this group in another variable. Is this different for Unit Groups? Either way, I'll give it a go and see how it works.
  7. Joccaren

    A strange bug

    Ok, after some more toying around the players themselves are now spawning properly, however no unit at all is obeying any order given to it by a trigger. Here is an example of one such trigger. The trigger posts out all the debugs [Dependent on which If/Then/Else ends up being selected] except...
  8. Joccaren

    A strange bug

    Ok, so recently a number of my triggers have been mysteriously not working. After a lot of trouble shooting the problem seems to come from the map itself, with a strange bug or something that I haven't seen before. Now, my map presently has 3 "Players" activated. Used to be 2, but for debugging...
  9. Joccaren

    Placing an unbuilt building with triggers

    Alrighty, so after sorting my previous lot of issues out, I'm now kind of stuck again. I wish to place a building with triggers, but I wish that building to be unbuilt. 0% build progress. Presently I've tried placing the building with triggers, then setting its build progress to 0% with...
  10. Joccaren

    Information resources for World Editor [And add-ons]

    Alright, its been a while, but after... 4 years or so, I've finally found the time to resume/restart Warcraft 3 map making. Unfortunately, I've forgotten a lot, and a lot of things seem to have changed from when I last reared my head, so I'm probably going to be dropping in every now and then...
  11. Joccaren

    Ability Questions: Changing Targeting Types?

    1. Defence Matrix is an instant effect type ability (I think). Change it to a effect-target ability then modify the target filters. 2. Does the buff at least show up? If so than make sure your armor multiplier field is set to 1. 3. Make two different weapons with the same name and, if these...
  12. Joccaren

    New unit creation question?

    The window that pops up when you go 'Data -> Add Object'
  13. Joccaren

    Unit Creating Trigger Problem

    The second loop is in the first loop, its just a bit hard to tell with the code tags. I can't wait for SCII Tags for GUI as I don't feel the WC3 tags quite fit in. Also, I have fixed the PlayerRace(PlayerRace(LoopInteger(1))) and it still does not want to work. I'm thinking of taking out all...
  14. Joccaren

    Question on First Person Perspective

    Well, there is no direct function but by playing around with the cameras target, height, distance, pitch, roll and other factors, you can come close.
  15. Joccaren

    Unit Creating Trigger Problem

    Shouldn't I get my units though? I get none and the eroor just pops up. Thanks for the tip though, I'll add that in.
  16. Joccaren

    Unit Creating Trigger Problem

    Hmm, what do you mean by a plain unit type array? I have just created a Unit-Type Variable and made it into an array. The 'No Game Link' was the default selection that came up when I created the variable. What do you suggest I change it to? Thanks for the tip with the If/Then/Else/If, I've...
  17. Joccaren

    Unit Creating Trigger Problem

    Could someone please help me find what I did wrong in this trigger? I want this trigger to spawn the appropriate number of units of the appropriate type of each players chosen race for each player, however, when I test the map it comes up with the error: Thanks to anyone who helps. Spawn...
  18. Joccaren

    Zerg Really Easy to Kill?

    Well, you should always 'waste' your first overlord scouting the enemy then spam overloards after that (Make sure you have a good defence against anything first) to overfill your supply so you can 'waste' more scouting. Another thing is to have a 'defence against everything' of sorts. I...
  19. Joccaren

    How can i export/Save my custom Units to another custom Maps

    Create a new 'Mod' instead of a new map. Create the units in this Mod then, in dependencies, enable your mod for all maps you want to have those units.
  20. Joccaren

    Giving a builder the ability to build a building

    Have you added the icon to the Command Card of your probe?