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    Arena Mini Element Arena

    How can i make camera movement like in you map ?
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    Arena Mini Element Arena

    I got error when hited monster from ww with life steal mask. ========================================================== This application has encountered a critical error: FATAL ERROR Progeam C:\Program Files\wc3\WARCRAFT3\War3.exe Exeption: 0xc0000005(ACCESS_VIOLATION)...
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    Negative bonus

    I have simple question how can i make spell bonusest to be negative like Armor bonus is 9 make: Armor bonus is -9 I sure that i should hold somekinda button on my keybord wich one ?
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    Spell Request Thread [GUI]

    Omg are you drunk ? This is spell request tread ! I requested for spell . And also what i should o with barrage ? Code spell for me if you know how to do it.
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    Spell Request Thread [GUI]

    The spell is from Diablo2 Amazon multi shot.
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    Spell Request Thread [GUI]

    Look at last post page 3.
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    Spell Request Thread [GUI]

    No problems just make if you want :) Start from my spell :D Good Luck
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    Spell Request Thread [GUI]

    MULTYSHOT "Fires multiple arrows". Multi-Shot splits one arrow into many, each arrow doing 75% of your normal full damage.The spread of the arrows is controllable, but you can never hit any individual monster with more than one arrow per Multi-shot. Even if you fire 10 arrows right into a...
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    I fixed sounds in >Map Properties>Options>Custom Sound Eviroment > Psichotic ( Off ) :) Also fixed problem with tint.
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    1st. I did somthing im my world editor and all units now speak with wery noisy sound effect remindful an echo . 2nd. All dodads in WE looks good but when i test map in game they have a blue tint. Please help me answer my questions. :confused: :banghead:
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    Ability help.

    This trigger is bad when you add 2 second timer add it to last created unit , not triggering unit becose attacked unit dies , not dummy :) Also dummy wont silence your point ,dont know why. Here i made trigger myself working correct but it have big leaks can somone fix thems? Arrow Silence...
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    Ability help.

    How can i create ability which have 30 % chance to silence atacked enemy?
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    Portal ability

    Are you serching for this ?
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    Can i change text in experiance bar when i use avatar?
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    Terrain Limit

    And how to disable the limits explain please..
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    [Help] Hero Arenas At Random

    You must create variable and set your created region on variable. Read the variable tutorials.
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    [Spells] Taking Requests

    < Spell Name > Unamed < Levels > 1 < Details > Cast a ice lines from casting unit 0 , 90 , 180 , 360 degress stuning thems in ice for 3 seconds damages units in 900 range line. < Anything Additional > Like from MAP " DotA" hero Twinhead second spell. < Spell Name > Unamed < Levels >...
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    How to organize different multiboard for different players?

    Read the andrewgosu multiboard tutorial helps alot.
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    Map music

    I offer your to donwload some hardstyle , qlimax sets.
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    Yes that what i need thanks.:)