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    Left Handed Shield Models

    Anyone know where I can get some left handed shield models? I looked on the hiveworkshop and they don't have very many. Or can someone show me how to flip right handed shields around with a tool? Also does anyone know where to get WoW like shaman totem models?
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    How can I find Frozen Throne Editor?

    I just installed WC3 the Frozen Throne on my Windows 10 PC. I am only able to find and open the Map Editor for WC3 RoC, but not for Expansion. How can I find the Frozen Throne Editor? Thanks.
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    Attribute System

    Can anyone help me come up with an attribute system for heroes after level up? If you have ever played the "Oblivion RPG" map, this is the kind of attribute system I want. Each hero will have a separate spell book for spells. So I can give them spells like Strength Agility and Intelligence...
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    Kill Summoned units after Summoner Dies

    Does anyone know of a good Hash Table tutorial for WC3? I have taken a few programming classes including Python and Perl, so I am familiar with how hash tables work. Basically it's an array where each value has a corresponding key value.
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    Kill Summoned units after Summoner Dies

    I tried this and it did not work, maybe I did something wrong? I am making a Necromancer in my game and he summons skeletons when attacked. When I kill the Necromancer I would like all of his summons to die as well. For the "Unit Group" variable, I called mine "Skeleton_Array" and variable type...
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    Kill Summoned units after Summoner Dies

    How would you make it so when a unit dies, all of it's summoned units die also? Would I do this with triggers? I tried to make a trigger that adds the summoned units to a "Unit Group Array" and then when the summoning unit dies, have a trigger that kills all of the units that were added to the...