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  1. Whisky

    Local fade filter?

    Why would it? The rule of thumb is to not alter/create handles with GetLocalPlayer, most of the other stuff works fine. Besides, the trigger you posted uses practically the same method as UndeadDragon's one.
  2. Whisky

    message to observers

    No, nobody will see those messages. I don't really even care to know how this is related to world editor.
  3. Whisky

    Sight Change (Unit can only see in front, not behind)

    Click this. It should be what you are looking for, remember to thank Weep for it. And evilwolf, for god's sake please don't quote pagefulls of text, at least if you are the first replier in the thread.
  4. Whisky

    Cannot save files as w3m after editing

    Uh, tried renaming the file extension to .w3m? And seriously get frozen throne, makes life easier.
  5. Whisky

    Warcraft 3 maps

    I believe this issue is caused by corrupted game.dll, as correct patch version may not be verified. Have you lately installed any 3rd party stuff to warcraft, or used version switcher or blizzreseter, anything that may alter the game.dll? Anyways this just a theory, reinstalling helps in these...
  6. Whisky

    Is Gameplay Constant of Level Skip Requirement for each skills different?

    No, the gameplay constant level skip requirement is same for every skill. Just set the "required level" field to 1 instead of 0 and it should work.
  7. Whisky

    Warcraft III dying?

    Warcraft 3 is nowhere near dying, and that is mainly because of dota. Dota is still one of the most played video games with it's estimated player base of 14-22 million people (more than WoW has!), and it's growing all the time. I have seen people getting tired of WoW and start playing dota, or...
  8. Whisky

    Disable Minimap

    I invented a way long time ago, though it may be a bit complicated and I'm not sure if it works. Basically you need to create dummy creep camps all over the map, and then override the model for that green/yellow/red minimap dot with a black square (with a big square you can disable whole...
  9. Whisky

    Adding a buff to a unit?

    There is no way of adding buffs via triggers, you can only remove them. You need to use a dummy unit to cast a spell with the desired buff.
  10. Whisky

    Priorizing RAM for a program?

    I changed it to server chache, and tried it out. After sometime, the lags came anyways. I was kinda hoping for some program that runs in the backround and forces all the memory for warcraft or other program.. And sorry I forgot to mention that I'm using 32bit xp.
  11. Whisky

    Priorizing RAM for a program?

    Hello, Is it possible to somehow make windows automatically notice some program and give it all the possible resources when it needs them? My windows tends to give all the recourses to firefox when I alt-tab from warcraft and try to go to the interwebz, and this causes the warcraft to lag...
  12. Whisky

    Making warcraft to save screenshots

    Hey, I copied my current warcraft from my old computer's hard drive, and used wc3 regfixer to set the registry paths right. However, seems that the warcraft still doesn't know where to put the screenshots since whenever I try to take a screenshot, it says "screen captured" but the image...
  13. Whisky

    Downgraded USB-port?

    Yeah well, my laptop is around 3-4 years old, so I guess that's the problem then. And I think usb-hub is a viable option, though I don't know how slow the devices will get when too many of them share the same root usb-port. Mainly I was just worried since when my last laptop started being...
  14. Whisky

    Downgraded USB-port?

    Hey, Lately my second (I have only two) usb-port has started acting weirdly, and it seems that it sometimes doesn't transfer the data or gets stuck. If I plug my mouse into it, sometimes the light from the mouse turns entirely off, and then I need to unplug and replug it. Sometimes even that...
  15. Whisky

    Damage random unit by an aura

    Is there some particular reason why you just don't use phoenix fire?
  16. Whisky


    This shows the movementspeed of selected unit for triggering player. There is also a free dota template to check stuff like this..
  17. Whisky

    Killing source?

    @ FannyShaver: Minimum possible wait is 0.27 seconds, everything smaller than that will just be rounded up. If you want your trigger to be as accurate as possible, I suggest you to use periodic trigger instead. @ Hex.16: When unit dies it loses all it's buffs. Though this had nothing to do...
  18. Whisky

    Killing source?

    Sorry, I screwed up. *sigh*
  19. Whisky

    Killing source?

    Dying units don't have buffs. I would suggest you to trigger that stormbolt damage so you can detect it.
  20. Whisky

    2 people with Rejuvenation spell

    Yes, Healing Salve indeed is dispelled on attack. However, since the tft came out people have been able to modify abilities.