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  1. quraji

    Waits in SC2 - oddities and solutions

    VERY useful information, should be stickied. I knew something fishy was up when in my movement system (based on unit speed) I had to multiply the result by 2. to get the units to move as fast as normal ones. It was because my 32 updates-per-second timer was actually going at 16 updates >.>...
  2. quraji

    "Selection Box" Texture

    That's not it either (I even tested it before). It doesn't look like it's in there, which is sad since almost every other texture is replaceable :(
  3. quraji

    "Selection Box" Texture

    That's not it. To be completely clear here's a picture.
  4. quraji

    "Selection Box" Texture

    I'm already searching for it with a model/texture viewer. I've searched through all of the UI related textures without finding an obvious match, so I've been testing textures that might be it (by exporting them, editing them and importing them into the map and overwriting the original), but so...
  5. quraji

    "Selection Box" Texture

    I think you misunderstood, I'm trying to find the path of that texture so I can overwrite it. So far I haven't had any luck.
  6. quraji

    "Selection Box" Texture

    Does anyone know the name/path of the texture used for the "selection box"? (I'm referring to the green box that appears when you click the ground and drag your mouse) Thanks!
  7. quraji

    A reason to quit WoW

    >1) Occasional 'WTF" things like that sawblade not hurting you. That's what RL is for. >2) The best aspects of the game are restricted to people who devote their lives to it. (Nihilum, Death&Taxes, etc) Not true (unless you consider world firsts and that type of thing the best aspects)...
  8. quraji

    Tool Galaxy parser

    The overwhelming pessimism + dark layout of the site put me in a depressed mood. As for methods, couldn't the "this" be implicit? I hope that structs aren't just for data, I like the encapsulation. Maybe there will be classes if not? Jealous that you're getting to mess around with the...
  9. quraji

    System Projectile

    Probably the projectile's collision radius when colliding with regular units, and then other projectiles, respectively.
  10. quraji

    Another WET site

    They have an animated Pandaren...they win.
  11. quraji

    Beta is Out

    I've been checking my account like every 3 seconds since I first saw the luck yet. I will cry if I don't get it soon :(
  12. quraji

    Discussion New Language - Discussion

    Multiple declarations should be done like it usually is..same types can be defined on the same line and also initialized, separated by commas. integer i, j = 5, k, t = j
  13. quraji

    Terrain modification aura (was: Help with world edit)

    It can be done in Jass using GetTerrainType(...) and SetTerrainType(...).
  14. quraji

    Discussion New Language - Discussion

    This is crazy, I know, but how about: library MyLibrary endlibrary Whoah :eek: A library's non-private members should be accessed from outside the library via "dot syntax": TheLibrary.theMember
  15. quraji

    Discussion New Language - Discussion

    <function takes="nothing" returns="nothing"> </function> :P
  16. quraji

    Report Google car chased by divers

  17. quraji


    Thanks, and yes we're planning to turn our comics into cartoons (that's how they were originally planned, the comics were like blueprints). It just took us a while to get to it :P
  18. quraji


    Actually, he's a flying, talking beer :P Thanks for the comment :thup: The only thing that irks me right now is the lack of anything interesting going on, on the can itself. I'm trying to think of some detail that would be appropriate..
  19. quraji


    Hey guys. It's been a long time since I've done any drawing or artwork, especially digital. But, a friend and I finally decided to start digitally drawing (and hopefully animating) comics that we've been meaning to since high school when we did them (we have like 7 notebooks full :P). Anyways, I...