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    Invisible Model

    Pls help me. I need that to be fixed too, ok heres what i did I extracted my NagaMedusa to Warcraft folder and named the folder NagaMedusa and the btn and models were there, I imported the btn and model and named them NagaMedusa\NagaMedusa.blp and NagaMedusa\NagaMedusa.mdx and the btn worked...
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    Invisble Model? PLZ HELP Warcraft

    ok, this is what i did. I extracted the model (NagaMedusa) to my warcraft folder and named it NagaMedusa and the models were there, I imported the model to my map and named it NagaMedusa\NagaMedusa.mdx and his btn is Textures\NagaMedusa.blp And the BTN works fine but the model shows a shadow...