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  1. LocalDude

    max values for Uint64 and float?

    It seams i was mistaken about the float here is a link that i think explains it rather well the general idea is that it stores values as follows 1.324e5(e5 = how many zeros) so it can store larger numbers but it does not guarantee...
  2. LocalDude

    max values for Uint64 and float?

    If i understand you correctly you are wondering about the (2^64)-1 the 2 stands for the base of the binary 64 is the number of bits -1 is because the first value is 0 so a float (2^32)-1 is less then (2^64)-1
  3. LocalDude

    [Maths] Gravitate towards target point?

    Have you tried to decrease the speed if the projectiles angle is too much of course
  4. LocalDude

    New game project

    Sorry for the late response, but i have been ocupide with math and it just left my mind^^ We have made a 3D engine in school witch i´m currently expanding. I have been a part of 5 games 3 2D and 2 3D "rather small ones 8 weeks per game". about networking i´m currently trying to make that work...
  5. LocalDude

    New game project

    Thanks That should keep me occupied for some time :P
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    New game project

    Hello I'm about to start a new game project and I Was wondering what you would like to see in a game. I would like input about all types of games :D Info it’s most likely going to be a RPG I have a 3D engine "Homemade" with Direct3D10 LocalDude
  7. LocalDude

    [C++] Classes used as game state manager.

    You set the pointer to be of type Test, This means that you will only have access to the class Test, You create a Testa and give to the pointer this is ok because Testa is a child of Test but the extra functions in Testa will not be available because the pointer dose not know that they exists...
  8. LocalDude

    C++ Using Header File Error

    The #ifndef and #define are called header guards they prevent the compiler from including the piece of code more then once. I copied the code you provided in to a dev project and it worked, as said before the problem is probably that you have it in separate folders or dev cpp is not...
  9. LocalDude

    When in an entirely empty C++ project, what should I start off with?

    Hi if you have problems with your compiler you can try dev c++ it works great for me:). when you make a program you will need to include "#include<iostream>" and if this is your first ones I suggest you use the "using namespace std;" this one tells the program to use the standard library so...
  10. LocalDude

    Adobe Photoshop is out of ink???

    you can try to re install the program.
  11. LocalDude

    C++ or Java?

    well i have study java for almost 2 years in school and one year of c++ out side of school and i think that c++ is easer then java and I seam to be able to do more, and i don't need the command prompt to run the c++ executable file as you need in java.
  12. LocalDude

    Having difficulties setting up LAN games on WC3?

    the only thing i can think of is the firewall blocking it but why it lets the original maps through i don´t no, hope it helps.
  13. LocalDude

    Can't enter in any host!

    if the one you are trying to conect to has the firewall on then there is a chance that it is blocking your computer. we used to have that problem in my school:D
  14. LocalDude

    [dev-c++] Won't run any programs at all.

    Hi i tested the code and it worked fin no errors nothin except a black comandpromt with a few diferent choises:thup:.
  15. LocalDude

    Restoring Owner Of Unit After Being Transported.

    can you post the whole code pleas, thanks "if you didn't know you can right clik the triger and take copy as text"
  16. LocalDude

    Restoring Owner Of Unit After Being Transported.

    try using a unit array, wher you define the heroes in the begining, and then when you are going to turn the heroes back to the old players you use. Untitled Trigger 001 Events the event you want Conditions Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to 8, do (Actions)...
  17. LocalDude

    Need help with my TD multiboard

    I havent tryed this one but i think it will work multiboard Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.20 seconds Conditions Actions ((((Matching player) controller) Equal to User) and (((Matching player) slot status) Equal to Is playing)))) Multiboard - Create a...
  18. LocalDude

    Need help with my TD multiboard

    what exaktly do you want this one to do:rolleyes: "dose the update triger work (do you got one:confused:)" and why do you set the lifes as life2 50 times:eek: you dont need to do that because its not an array.
  19. LocalDude

    Unit refuse to move

    thanks for the help it looks realy good:thup:
  20. LocalDude

    Unit refuse to move

    hi i'm making a code (moste of the code i got from a friend) and when i tell the unit to move nothings happening. globals unit udg_Caster unit udg_companion endglobals function MoveDummies takes unit udg_Caster, unit udg_companion returns nothing local real CasterX =...