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  1. Mapster

    Moving a unit to a certain point

    The ability will be auto-casted as well as manually used.
  2. Mapster

    Moving a unit to a certain point

    I am trying to make an ability where a hero is transported past an enemy unit and deals damage as well as a stun by chance. I have everything working except for the transporting. I don't know how to make it so when the hero turns it on. The Hero is transported past an enemy unit via trigger...
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    Experience Rate

    I'm trying to make it so when a map starts up, it has a menu where player 1 can choose what the experience will be for all Neutral Hostile will be such as it's multiplied by 1/2/3/4/5/6 and so on... I'm just wondering if there is a way to find out how to calculate what the experience will be...
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    Map not showing up

    It didn't even work with newly created maps, i think it was because i had so many folders. I want to play the map lan so choosing "Test Map" is a little out of the question. I just got my old map and put it in a folder closer to the original Frozen Thrown folder, it worked, but i havn't...
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    Map not showing up

    I just got back from a long time of not making Wacraft 3 maps; i am trying to modify my warcraft 3 map Zombie Horde ( i don't think i released it on this forum). I modified my map that was working perfect, but now when i try to play the modified version (new map name, map description and in...
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    Half-Life 2 Video Tutorial for Beginners : Your First Map

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Ok this is my first Video tutorial so thats why i keep saying "umm" a lot of the time lol. This is a tutorial on how to create your very first map using the Hammer editor supplied by steam which you can acquire by downloading source SDK. Ok this is a...
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    Trigger Crashes Game

    (Random integer number between 1 and 2500) Less than or equal to (Agility of (Triggering unit) (Include bonuses)) Where did the include bonuses come from?
  8. Mapster

    Little about Orb of Slow

    It turns on a attack from the unit thats holding it, such as attack 2 so the unit can attack air units or grounds units and so on.
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    multiplayer quests

    I suggest making a Variable for each player thats attached to a quest. but then you could have 60 variables for 5 quests which would be too much.
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    Vertical Gate?

    Use the Door that says "Verticle" with the name of the door.
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    leak or lag?

    I would say lagg but i'm not toosure. It isn't destroying the group afterwards?
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    Attribute Spell Passive

    There are lots of tutorials around and topics askign about critical strike. Just use the search button ;)
  13. Mapster

    Attribute Spell Passive

    Critical Strike can not be changed through triggers. You will have to remake it using triggers or make do with what it has in the object editor sorry.
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    In need of dire help

    For all your warcraft 3 needs
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    Healing Wave as a Passive ability

    The unit has the skilland it can be used but i do not know why the order isn't working Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Orc Shadow Hunter - Healing Wave (Random unit from HealingWaveGroup) The skill has a 2 second cooldown, uses 0 mana and is in the second slot. It was duplicated off a...
  16. Mapster

    Healing Wave as a Passive ability

    It'll created 1 unit, then 3, then 6 , then 32 then 64 and so on... i dunno why =/
  17. Mapster

    Healing Wave as a Passive ability

    Yeah i have done everything there but shouldn't i using something differently than Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Orc Shadow Hunter - Healing Wave (Random unit from HealingWaveGroup) Last created unit? I'm not too sure what to use instead. EDIT: Ok now it's creating 1 unit and then...
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    Critical Strike Special Effect

    Take a look at that link i sent in my last post, that'll help you get it on track.
  19. Mapster

    Ideas for passive

    More details please and watch your spelling ;)
  20. Mapster

    Detecting Critical Strike

    No, level 3 does 4x damage than original. ?