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    Sell Lumber

    I think he means "English".
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    Trigger for runaway unit

    It leaks... The unit might get stuck in terraining.
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    Need ideas for quotes

    Shadowsong is a default proper name in melee game's Demon Hunter. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Maiev and/or Jarod Shadowsong.
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    Give some model suggestions

    How about dead bodies? There might be casualties of the zombie attack... And how about this ( dangling down from a telegraph pole?
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    Unit level increase

    ... I meant HP, mana, damage, HP regen, mana regen, armor, abilities, etc.
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    Unit level increase

    Please list everything you want to increase.
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    Question on sound in the fog of war

    What if he needs BansheeRangerPissed1? I didn't test either, but if Windex thinks so...
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    How do I do both of this?

    Your timer is not MUI.
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    Unit level increase

    You're welcome. :cool:
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    Question on sound in the fog of war

    How about using an ability sound, like Pudge's "Argh... Fresh Meat!" when he uses Dismember. (It can be heard globally in fog of war.)
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    Need ideas for quotes

    Lol got so many goblin quotes you didn't use any of mine? Brutillus the Malebranche (I'm assuming he's a sadist): Argh... Fresh Meat!!! (You could play the sound) :)
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    Unit level increase

    No. 1: It leaks... For upgrades, create custom upgrades from your Object Editor, then do Set Level of Upgrade to (whatever). I cannot use WE now, maybe later. Sorry.
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    computer heroes don't use their skills

    If you want them to cast them in the same situation as melee game, do: (freehanded :() AI Melee Game - Run AI
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    Need Spell Ideas!

    Perhaps telling us the theme... like ice or fire or chaos or something. Lightning Burst - Fires a bolt of lightning in a target direction. Units that hit it will be shocked, taking damage and being knocked back. Channeling. SFX: Continuous chain lightning effect from caster to target. Shocked...
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    Spellpack Modern Warfare Weaponary

    Wow AWESOME!!! Thanks man. +rep
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    Tile not walkable?

    Make ground pathing blockers to stop normal creeps from running amok, but make bosses and builders flying. (With 1 height or something... :D) Hope this helped.
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    Text Question+Upkeep
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    'Gush' Tower

    No, never give up!!! To get MUI, just use local variables. :)
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    Item Individuality

    Oh. Sorry. It's 11:30pm here and my mind isn't working properly. :D