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  1. Trollus

    [Web-design] Movies site design

    Hello! I'd like to share the design I've made for movies site By the way, if here is any skilled css/html programmers then plz pm me for making those design to be weared on DLe engine :)
  2. Trollus

    [Recruitment] Searching for the well skilled Jass/Triggering coder

    Hello guys! I am searching for the coder to my map, since one of the guys had to leave group the spot is free. Info about map - Other stuff will update in few hours, cuz have no time now sry :(
  3. Trollus

    Spell Request thread.

    - It's like far sight ability - It's must be like far sight, but effect of it must be bats around the area which is being revealed.
  4. Trollus

    Spell Request thread.

    Skill info Name: Darkness eye Description: Ancient evil ability to reveal hidden humans around the world Levels: 3 Special Effects: Bats flying around area of reveal / This skills is for vampire in Vampirism Frozen World. When it's being used, vampires will be available to see part of map...