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    System Advanced Indexing & Data Storage

    The error happens when I try to save it for the first time. When I delete the "!" it goes okay. I think we should save it first with the "!" and then reopen the map and delete, right?
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    System Advanced Indexing & Data Storage

    Im really interested in using this, but everytime I save the map with the "//! external ObjectMerger w3a Adef AIDS anam "State Detection" ansf "(AIDS)" aart "" arac 0" line it shows THIS ERROR, although it saves the map. Tried with JNPG 5d, and 6a, excluding and reinstalling multiple...
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    Modelpack Loadingbars // Tallybars // w/e Bars

    I cant get this model to work, i dont know why. I tried the command with 1-21 numbers as it says on the topic and nothing showed up for me. Can anybody help? Edit: Forget it... dont know what I was doing wrong, but it works fine now. Thank you! for this model!