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    Passiv Fan of Knives

    The user probably wants a spell Bristleback like in dota. Condition must be damage taken, am I right? :rolleyes:
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    How to modify the Map Size of an existing map?

    1. Export triggers from the smaller map 2. Create the bigger map 3. Import triggers from the smaller map 4. If you need copy map objects from smaller to bigger map 5. Edit triggers if they have coordinates from the smaller map to the corresponding coords for the bigger map I'm doing this...
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    WIP Pillow Fights

    Hi again... I found a freetime to continue creating this little map but of course found new strange ... thing Last version (link in upper post) has Host check trigger plus small script in the beggining which I found in forums. The problem is that I need some explanation how this script works...
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    Snippet A simple way to purchase abilities - WoW style

    Well I think another good approach is to make that if someone is close to the shop a menu will popup. Using a FSGUI this must be nice feature to rpg maps :)
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    Snippet A simple way to purchase abilities - WoW style

    Hi I saw something strange in maps with "buy tome" function When you buy tome a very very small thing is placed near the shop: The consequence of that is the map soon begins to lag depending on number of "things" :confused::confused::confused:
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    Waiting Room-Map Picture

    Hi, I found in Scenario > Map Options that there is an option called Hide minimap in preview screens Is this is enough for your case?
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    WIP Pillow Fights

    Well 10x ... test it and check where are the problems... im new in WEditing and having own project in my opinion is the best way to make a gain :) Edit 23.01.09 I made some modifications to triggers and now when the test user (using WE test map function) types one of mode commands -ft -pm...
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    WIP Pillow Fights

    Just make 2-3 games on FUFU and you'll get the anwser...
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    WIP Pillow Fights

    lol don't fight make maps :D well i think that the map needs a little more direct advertisement such as cinematic or something to explain main concept/reason for the fight... wc3shady, see the link in first post
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    WIP Pillow Fights

    Rly still cannot understand. I put enough explanations for the map... i think :confused:
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    WIP Pillow Fights

    Hmmm I think that not a single one rule was broken or... ? Yeah, the idea is very rare (but not for the real world) and yes, the map is still in its alpha stage. :)
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    AD WALL - Looking For a Project to Join?

    Project name: Pillow Fights Link to thread: Project description: 12 players fast-paced hit and run map Places to fulfill: GUI: need trigger help for future updates MODELLING: need good models for heroes and spells, for spells they must be...
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    WIP Pillow Fights

    Pillow Fights Hi, since 2 weeks I'm workin' on map that offers a fast-paced pillow-fights :D One of its goals is to be Fufu United Ninja All-Stars 1.0 clone but with more features... Latest version: v2 Current features: kick system for host simple camera system that allows camera to be...
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    General - Cameras

    Hi this is my first post here :) I have a question How can I make that in locked camera view (following unit) player cannot change angle of attack and cannot rotate it. Cause if he touches the scroll or Ins/Del buttons my distance value resets to default one :banghead: