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    Spellpack Random Spells

    I've narrowed down the line of code. Anytime I cast firewall on top of multiple targets, this line crashes my game with a memory error static method create takes nothing returns Data .... set d.flame = CreateUnit(GetOwningPlayer(d.caster),Unit_id,d.locx,d.locy,0.00) I'm 99.99% sure I...
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    Spell Nature Wall

    Great spell, but the comments for the unit/spell abilities are horrid. Why don't you just put the exact name of the unit/spell there instead of a vague description? Made importing it a guessing game. Edit: finally got it working. Works perfectly. Look for it in hoihoi8's Amazing Race :)
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    Spell Burning Steps

    So I tried to make this a passive spell (always on) but after a minute or so it lags like crazy. Is there a way to make this not lag if the spell is always on? EDIT: This spell is causing a ton of lag even if I reduce the time period to 20 seconds? How can I fix this?
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    Spellpack Random Spells

    This may help. When I disable and enable the Firewall trigger I get this message. "The trigger "Firewall" must have an initialization function called "InitTrig_Firewall" When I disable and enable the TT trigger I get this message. "The trigger "TT" must have an initialization function called...
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    Spellpack Random Spells

    Well the install instructions were pretty specific, and they didn't mention any variables. There are only 4 variables and they don't look like they belong to the spells. My problem still stands.
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    Spellpack Random Spells

    Hi, I like your spells, but the flamewall is causing a memory crash. It works when: I use it anywhere with no enemies around. I use it when I'm fighting enemies alone. Crashes: When an enemy is around, I have units attacking that enemy and the hero casts flamewall. Any ideas what my problem...