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    Many simple triggers, or one complex one?

    Leaks Umm so how then do i get rid of that leak, with the picking all units function. By the way i have destroyed that big trigger, and broken it down into individual ones. The problem with that was that it was trying to be used at four times and as such wouldn't do what it was supposed to do...
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    Many simple triggers, or one complex one?

    ? where are the leaking groups ? i don't know where they are, if your talking about the random unit attack, i can't see where, as i delete the only two unit groups which are used in the trigger.
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    Many simple triggers, or one complex one?

    :P hmmm thanks When you say it's not necessary to have it under the else part, in what other way can i do it, so that each region is addressed in this trigger. I think i know the problem with this trigger to. That is that once you start getting units entering 3 different regions at the same...
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    Many simple triggers, or one complex one?

    I have just made this trigger for my map. During the game, it starts to mess up, at the fourth check point, and they start to bunch up and block. An suggestions, or is the only way just to simplify the whole lot? I would be grateful for the help :D Thx Check Points Events...
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    Triggers - Memory Leaks and Custom Scripts

    Regions Leak Could you please tell me how to fix a Region Leak?? :)
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    How to: Make a Loading Screen

    Black Screen :( Hey i was just wondering about having to use the InfranView picture editor, because i used photoshop, and i resized to 512 Length by width with out proportion restraints on and and i saved it as a Tga file and then i converted it to a blp. i imported the Loadingscreen.Mdx...
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    General - Generating Random Mazes

    Good Job This map got me thinking about the random number generator built into the GUI coding blocks, well to be honest it is definetly not random as it produces the same result each time when i tested it, which means it is an equation to emulate randomness. Do you have any suggestions as...
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    Save/Load Code

    Well done Effane i give you credit for making such a tutorial, but i really must ask how long have you been using Warcraft Editor, to gain such an understanding about such complexities built in to making such vast coding schemes? I respect all those games who have load and save features...