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    Some maps on don't work

    Lol, sorry, Warcraft III
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    Some maps on don't work

    When I start up, I can join any game, the download goes normal but stops at 99%(Give or take) and throws me back to the starting screen as if I was kicked. But I'm sure I wasn't kicked, mostly it's just MMH hosting without the host present.. Any help?
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    Helping people.

    Right, on it. Will post in this thread after I'm done. EDIT: Explain this: dealing 15% more damage - More than what? 2 Charges - on what? Stackable - what is stackable? The Debuff?
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    What happened to Jass Newgen pack?

    I still have version 5b.7. Any new versions came out? If so, please kindly direct me to a download link. Thanks
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    Helping people.

    Hello, I've been in the mapping business for quite a while now. I've made maps in both GUI and Jass. The deal is, lately my skills became quite rusty and I'd like to take up mapping again. I'd like someone to give me some requests so I can do them. Only doing individual spells or system...
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    Dummy unit move

    Move the unit in a circular manner... Make a periodical trigger or a loop that moves a unit instantly to a point with a polar offset Unit - Move (unit) instantly to (location) offset by x towards y Set y = y + 1
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    What's your favorite non-Hero unit?

    Non-hero? Hrm... Space Fel Orc
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    Melee Yet another Warcraft 4 project (Looking for crew)

    I could help you with triggers. I do things done in Jass and vJass if needed. Do you have any kind of communication or instant messaging programme? Like Ventrillo, skype, MSN, teamspeak?
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    Free first hero

    The problem might be that if you don't use the melee trigger as there is an option "random hero" that makes the first hero random and free.
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    Passive Abilities

    For reducing damage is either a +dmg item ability on claws of damage with a negative value or a negative war drums aura For reducing attack rate is either a +atk speed item ability on gloves of haste with a negative value or a negative endurance aura For decreasing armor is either a + def item...
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    Gold Share

    I would suggest making a trigger that runs when a unit is killed and adds a specific amount of gold to both players. Alongside that trigger you would make a trigger that when a player constructs a building a fee would be deducted from both players.
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    Free first hero

    I suggest making an altar that makes free heroes and after the first hero is trained you replace it with a real altar. I can compile a trigger for you. Would you like it in GUI or JASS?
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    Making a Hero respawn at the same lvl and dropping the same item

    Uhh...remove him from play and recreating him without the item and as level 1?
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    Casting abilities while sliding

    ANY spell can be used while sliding just change unit animation speeds in the object editor to 0.00 or 0.01
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    Important WoW Hunter Skills

    How about hunter-activated pet skills? Intimidation, beastial wrath? If not that you can go with a merged aspects ability (Hawk/monkey/cheetah/pack/dragonhawk) If even that doesn't suite you, you can do with some passives from talent trees like Lock and load
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    Hero Wars Doomsday: In search of a co-author!

    I am very familliar with the map and I am an experienced Jasser, very good with spells. I am also very handy with the editor.
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    Trigger not triggering

    @Frozen: I already got that in my library just with "True" instead of "BOOLEXPR_TRUE"
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    Trigger not triggering

    scope Victory initializer Init private function Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return GetUnitTypeId(GetEnteringUnit()) == HeroUnitId endfunction private function IsUnitHero takes nothing returns boolean return GetUnitTypeId(GetFilterUnit()) == HeroUnitId endfunction...
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    Tranquility / Healing Ward

    Make a null(no effect) channel spell for the caster that's triggered to create a dummy at the exact same spot that the caster's standing, set it into a variable, remove it when the caster stops casting...
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    Some error with "scopes"

    private function MassSleep takes nothing returns nothing replace that with private function Init takes nothing returns nothing