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    How to write stuff in the "quests" section

    Last thing, if the requirements do not display, you need to go to Action>Set Variable: Set YOURREQ = (Last creared quest requirement) Also, sorry with the many posts:banghead:. I keep things in mind, not on paper.:o
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    How to write stuff in the "quests" section

    My statement means for example the hero must survive, it would be like this: _________________________ {Icon} [Name of Quest] {Requirements} {Description} __________________
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    How to write stuff in the "quests" section

    You'll also need variables, "Quest Requirement" so you can acess the Create Quest Requirement" You need more Quest Requirements if you have multiple needs. Learned this the hard way, but I got over it.:thup:
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    How to Give Constructive Criticism

    This may seem preposterous, but I don't know how to upload images. I still have a lot to learn and it's like this is the first time I've ever used the web, I don't even think my thread should be here, so how do you guys do it, how do you put images here?:confused: It's a newbie's (my)...
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    drawings: shinobi and brawler

    I have another tip, without hair, use the head's height to measure the rest of the body. Like 2 heads is one are, not including the hands. Give it a light sketch before you darken, it helps a lot for drawing hands. Make sure you plan your hand patterns, you don't want your character's fingers...
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    Demonic Reaper

    How interesting, but I still don't get this whole 'job' thing or the demonic wings. Still, it hits me hard 4/5:D. But what do you mean by the formatting, where did you try to format it?:confused:
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    Child of the Twilight Sun

    My introduction: this is actually an excerpt and summary from my novel, the title I wrote before "twilight" came out, I did expect something as pure competition. I'm just checking to see if it is good enough to be read, or if I should just keep it to myself. So far, some of the people where I...
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    drawings: shinobi and brawler

    I'm not a fan of manga style drawings, but yours are nice. Don't worry about the whole hands thing, I experienced it, but I had an inspiration, so I'm able to do it. So your skills will grow. Just be glad with the hand positions, very few fingers will show, so less trouble. Notice the hand...
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    Useful Tools Thread

    Does the only contain a DISBTNMarkmanship with file .PSD? Cause that's all I get.
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    Disabling the Restart Button

    There is another campaign that is open, its name is "The Last Druid", its restart button is still active. And for some reason, the tools which I downloaded don't work, like those for MPQ formatting, without it, this problem a swerving headache. Is there anything in the trigger settings that...
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    Disabling the Restart Button

    Like in the exp orc campaign, sub areas exist within the main map. Is there an in-game trigger which disables the restart button when a hero enters those regions? Since it's not urgent, no one has to hurry... it's not a life of death situation - but a bit of help would be appreciated, advance...
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    Welcome to The Writer's Corner - These are the Rules!

    If a blank reply comes to this page, sorry, -still new here and I don't visit much. Any way, where do you start? Is there a certain program here you need to type it in?